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Originally Posted by IngeA View Post
I know, many say you won't need fins to learn butterfly, I found them very helpful.
I also was stuck when learning the fly. When frustrated I put on the fins (the first time) I realised I was kicking from the knees and not doing really a body-wave.
It was much more easy to correct this with fins. It feels a lot different.
Then I took them off and tried to get the same feeling in the core like with fins. It seems to be difficult to get rid of them if you use them very much, but only to get a glimpse of the right feeling and then trying to get the same without fins I found them great.
With more buoyancy I never tried, but I can today, it's very colt today so I will take my neoprene :o)
I think my fly is far from good now, but it feels relaxed and my hectic has gone.
I originally learned to swim butterly using fins and, like you, found it hard to break free from using them. I was able to make some progress by gradually trimming the fins, but when the Betterfly DVD came out, I found that the new drill sequence eliminated the need for fins. Part of it is that the new sequence only has you do body pulsing for relatively short distances and progresses to longer distances only after you've progressed to stroking.
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