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Originally Posted by gdmv77 View Post
Article: Well put and I like all the ideas presented.

Charles in fact it is not, nor is it suggested to do at all times. But without some sort of efficiency check, there is no way to tell if improvement has happened.
Yeah exactly. There are times where it's appropriate, and times where your mind is free, and just fancying knowing about this metric.

Anyway, this is something I have little more difficulty to cope with, because I use last arm that pulled to figure out my stroke count. Depending on the pace, it's pretty accurate.

Also after second thought I remembered these sessions proposed by Terry in his practices thread, and a lot have tables of distance/time/sl so I better understand the need for pen and notepad...

I agree with the remaining of your post. I'm also pleased with Stuart's recommendations as again they aim at making the TI animal more likable :P

Seriously, it makes the TI swimmer more compatible with a group having some people that may have existing doubts on TI in general.

I remain convinced that a drill translation table is a +. I am a Master Swimmer coach, and I couldn't care less that someone does a different drill than that I wrote on the board, as long as (ideally) it fits the lane. Sometimes there can be lots of swimmers in a lane, and it's better then that most swims similar speed. If you throw in a slow spear switch during, for instance, a catch up drill session, then it's distracting for both the coach and the rest of the lane. Any translation table should therefore consider matching speed (and equipment to a much lesser extent), and stroke (by respect for the coach, again ideally, and depending on the goals of the set/workout).

I really like your mention about trying drills. I'm a big defender of the idea that drills should be demilitarized, should belong to everyone.

And.. Speaking of the NAD fly. For those who persist in carefully learning the drill, this is hot in Master Squad context. Because this drill will typically be a bit faster than kicking with a board. So any kick sets can be done at this, which ++ups to your fly effective, productive volume. I mean this is absolutely fantastic for minding your own business without disrupting the lane. And you also give a hell of a show.

I usually lead the faster kicking in any master squad when using NAD fly. It's great session. 10x100m kick? Bring it on baby.

Better still, that's just half of the story. I had this gesture approved by FINA World once, so was allowed to use it in a 200m bf race. Rulling was later reversed, and I didn't mind, as I am not gifted enough genetically to make a real point. The point in question is to figure out if benefit of breathing every cycle during kicking for 15m offset the benefit of being underwater. If I could develop a swimmer to swim say... a minute flat at 100m NAD, then this guy can use this in a SCM 200m BF race, and create a commotion LOL

Anyway, one can do 15m NAD 10m fly systematically, it is more than comfortable. Therefore most fly sets can be done in this manner, you can do NAD-breast arm which makes it a bit faster, and NAD-fly arm is... butterfly LOL

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