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So much of Sun's stroke exemplifies TI principles - the distinct glide, lower turnover, DPS, and minimized kick (until he hits the gas in the last 100) are at odds with what so many current distance coaches and TI critics pooh-pooh. But Sun combines the TI-like aspects with a classic vertical-forearm catch and pull - though not as "early" given the more pronounced glide. His extension is notable as well - he "spears" straight ahead and horizontal, not downward, to set up that catch, and on every single stroke at extension his front hand and fingers are upwardly tipped - the "Diana Ross" maneuver that virtually all technique experts consider a drag flaw. Not that every little detail is either to be emulated or matters a great deal . . . but it is interesting to see the details when we have video this good. The OP's point is solid - this is a very "TI" kind of stroke, not so often seen at this level.
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