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Hello Sclim,

in his 2.0 Mastery Terry spends the first chapter to These things fairly detailed, but it will take huge parts of our patience to find improvements to our feeling for the water. The picture of the ball of water (and working with a real gym-ball) as using fistgloves (till ow never tried myself) and stroking with fists are main parts of Terry's way to learn...

My last pooltime (we only meet one three times a year) together with a former (high!) competition swimmer, I asked her: How do you get your extremely variable speed with same movement-tempo from?

Her answer: I'm getting a harder hook in the water...

Me: How do you do that?

She: Feeling for the water...

She's not in TI and I couldn't convince her, that TI-drills are best for just that. She said: Do other things than Swimming. Play in and with the water to get this Feelings on an other way.

She showed me two very funny things as example: Swimming FS just above the ground. (Really the whole movements included recovery movements(!), not spearswitches); and swimming frog-like backstroke also just above the ground...

Since long I swallowed half of the pool through my nose, and we had some heavy laughs together....

Best regards,
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