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Its clear to see this guy is a good swimmer.
Only a good swimmer can make this look so good and be fast with it.
Question is, is this a good style for a beginner to copy?
Is this kick before pull style the TI style?

How do you know this is efficient?
All you can see he is streamlined a lot of the time.

You say I just did this style in the pool, or that style. You are only swimming 3 years.I understand what you are trying to say and often agree with it, but dont overestimate your skill level.
(Or maybe you are super talented).
I am pretty sure you cant copy this guys technique and speed just like that. I know I cant. These elite swimmers are on a different level. You only see pretty slow swimmers in the avarage pool, but once you see such a swimmer in real life you realize the skill and powerlevel they operate from. They look like aliens with a secret extra motor in the normal fast lane compared to the other swimmers.

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