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Default A TI version of USRPT on 50m repeats

Monday 11 April 2000m in a 25m pool

8 x 100m @ 15-16 SPL on 2:00
I swam these with my absolute best form and super-light touch, focused intently on not disturbing the water with arm, torso, or legs.
I descended from 1:51 to 1:39 while actually shaving a couple of strokes from my 100m total.

Set #2 USRPT the TI Way
USRPT is an acronym for Ultra Short Race Pace Training which is all the rage among competitive swimmers these days. The vast majority who do it pay attention only to the pace clock, and ignore stroke efficiency--taking far too many strokes.
In the TI version of USRPT, you keep your stroke count at or below the count you should swim in a race, and swim as fast as you are capable at that count.
3 rounds of 6 x 50m. In each round I swam fast on 1-3, at recovery pace on #4--to allow a faster time on #5. Then recovery pace again on #6 to prepare for the next round.
Round 1 @ 15+16 SPL Times: 45-45-44-43 on the fast 50s
Round 2 @ 16+17 SPL Times: 45-43-43-42 on the fast 50s
Round 3 @ 17+18 SPL Times: 43-42-41-40 on the fast 50s

Set #3 12 x 25 @ 1,1 to .99 Tempo. Count Strokes
I increased Tempo by .01 on each successive 25.
I held 16 SPL from 1.1 to 1.02 and 17 SPL on the final 3 x 25.
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