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Naji 01-21-2018 06:00 PM

Swimming Lake Tahoe September 11th, 2018!
Hello everyone. I use to be a part of this forum years ago but dropped out of sight for a while. Well I'm happy to say I'm back and excited to be back! My name is Naji Ali and I'm a marathon swimmer who uses TI technique. I had the honor of meeting and earning from Terry many years ago along with his daughter Fiona, Dave Cameron and Coach Shinji. I was out of the water for a number of years due to a mysterious joint ailment that the doctors never could figure out. At the time I was training to swim The Cook Strait and had my spot booked and plane ticket, but it was not to be.

I fell into a deep swimming depression where I didn't go into the water at all for four years (my swim was panned for December 2013). But recently, I contacted and old friend of mine who is also a TI enthusiast and he encouraged me to get back into the water. It's amazing how when you practice the drills it all comes back to you. I feel so relaxed in the water especially open water that I can't imagine leaving it again.

So with that in mind, I have booked a tentative date to swim the width of Lake Tahoe (10.5 miles) on September 11th, 2018! I'll be spending a ton of time in the pool (something I'm not fond of), and a bit of time in my local S.F. Bay. If there are any TI swimmers in The Bay Area I'd love to meet up and workout together.

This is a great forum with knowledgeable folks offering up sage advice and I'm glad to be back in the fold once again!

Keep Swimming!

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