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Zenturtle 08-11-2018 08:27 AM

Pulling too soon
A very simple idea of pulling too soon.
What actually is....pulling too soon?

Pulling before you have set your arm in a reasonable paddle shape = pulling too soon.

Hey, but what about timing and connection?
It simple takes some time to get your arm in a reasonable padlde shape after extension.
If you focus on that, I will guarantee, you wont be pulling too soon. You wont be windmilling.
It will take so much focus you could even endup in catchup timing.
Thats not a problem. If you get better at it your timing will shift to normal front quadrant, and by then you will be strong enough to hold your paddle shape, even when you put weight on it etc.

Here 2 extreme examples:

Not pulling too soon (for her kind of stroke)

(good enough for gold in 10K )

front quadrant timing, good balance and streamline, but still pulling too soon. (causing dropped elbow, arm ripping etc)

So even if someone has a rotary stroketiming the stroke can be effective from the pulling efficiency perspective.
Its still possible the swimmer isnt pulling too soon.
Probably it wont be a beginner then.

CoachJamesEwart 08-11-2018 07:29 PM

thanks for your advice

Zenturtle 08-12-2018 06:57 AM

So hoe does Terrys patient catch looks like?
Is he pulling too soon form a paddle efficiency perpective, or from a relative armtiming perpective?
On both accounts he is in the normal range.
For his range of motion level he isnt pulling to soon from the good paddlesetup perspective. He just cant make a better paddle earlier, and his paddle doesnt collapse either during his pull.
From the armtiming perspective he is in the normal range. At the edge of front quadrant when swimming at pace.

When comparing with olympic swimmer van Rouwendaal who is just in/out front quadrant timing, there isnt much differnce in relative armtiming.

Terrys relative arm timing

Rouwendaals relative armtiming
url van afbeelding maken

video Terry

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