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conac.pccc 07-25-2012 03:13 AM

Introduce new member
Hi all member of this forum, anyone have any questions then post up for us to discuss

CharlesCouturier 07-25-2012 09:24 PM

I thought this was the official welcome thread.

Is there such a thread on this forum? One where we go Hi my name is this and I like this and dislike that?

WFEGb 07-25-2012 11:07 PM

Hi Charles,

this might be a good suggestion in Terry's fomer thread

"Web Design: Who is the 'Ideal' TI Customer?"


CharlesCouturier 07-26-2012 01:52 AM

Thanks Werner,

Since you seem to know the place, let me at least introduce myself to you, cause I may be a bit of an ethical case I donno.

I have my own business you know, I am merely curious about how TI is evolving. I own the yellow book, read it probably 6 or 7 years ago already. Found out that quite a few drills were standard at the U where I used to teach (not coach, but teach) swimming so I've had some level of comfort with a lot of the material.

Strong believer that balance is a silent but powerful force that can make all the difference, have been a fan of this aspect of what TI can bring. I've always had a bit of discomfort with such an obsession for distance per stroke hence the fact that I've kept my distances somehow, and probably that I could never actually become a TI instructor.

Not here to make any promotion of some sort, therefore I'd prefer not referring to any site, certainly not mine. I've accumulated around 15000 posts in 7 different forums under a different nickname, I just love to chat.

I was wondering if my presence could cause a problem? I do have a strong affiliation with SwimSmooth, but I'm certainly not here to oppose some other values against yours, nor em I here to claim that my own ideas are worth more than any other. After all, people of all types thinking in all sorts of ways often share the same podium.

My personal take is that forums should be demilitarized zones somehow.. But that's my personality, I love everyone...

Be frank, either here or by PM.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I use my actual name as a nickname here (which is unusual), I live in Montreal QC Canada. I'm a computer specialist, working as a head coach of a tri team in a university (spare time). I've been in the field of swimming since 1988, when I began being a swim instructor for kids.



retrospectively, I'd say this yellow book had a huge impact. It was the very first time I was seeing someone that passionate making link between the world of high level swimming (ref to Bill Boomer and others) and the grand public. It certainly played a role in motivating me to some day getting back to full time coaching. Admittedly, my biggest interest here is to see how TI evolves along with training on tempo. This tool obviously speaks loud, I want to find out what it tells you. How do you interpret the beep beep LOL

Richardsk 07-26-2012 06:07 AM

Hi Charles

Welcome to the forum.

I am familiar with your writings on at least one other forum (USMS) and am a subscriber to your youtube channel. I find your stuff on butterfly particularly valuable.

Terry's blue and yellow book was the key to enabling me to be able to swim more than one 25m length of crawl and I think of it as the best book ever written on swimming, although I am also very devoted to certain others, such as Swimming the American Crawl by Johnny Weismueller, Competitive Swimming and Diving by David Armbruster and The Science of Swimming by James Counsilman. Thanks to Terry I was also made acquainted with the work of Howard Firby and managed to transcribe a lot of Firby on Swimming, which I still turn to often. It is now out of print and hard to come by. I would love to find an affordable copy of the book by William Bachrach, Weissmueller's coach, but the only one I have seen advertised was offered as 600 dollars. I have a little pamphlet published by Kellogs of cornflake fame in 1935 that I suspect of being largely the work of Bachrach but this is just a guess. However, somewhat as some Roman Consul said to Saint Paul the Apostle, '"much reading hath made thee mad", and my stroke still needs a lot of work.

You are certainly welcome here as far as I'm concerned. I think you would also enjoy some of Terry's later writings, because his concept of the freestyle stroke has changed somewhat since the blue and yellow book. I also think you might enjoy the DVDs and of course there is now a wealth of stuff on youtube.

We will soon be able to watch video of the world's best at the Olympics and with a bit of luck some of it will find its way to youtube, although I get the impression that copyright is going to be strongly enforced.

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