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westyswoods 09-11-2011 05:08 PM

Wisconsin Ironman OW Times WOW
This morning 7:00 perfect conditions, 2400 plus amateurs, mass start swim.
It literally looked like a flock of loons taking off. Pros started 10 mins prior to amateurs.

It is hard to say for sure but my viewing spot was pretty darn good at about 400 meters into the course, naturally I had to critique the strokes. No way did I want to be in that mass. I made the comment to a woman I was with that the lead amateur was going to over take the Pros by the finish. Explaining to her that they looked so smooth, just gliding through the water. Not hurried and very little disturbance, you could barely tell when breaths were taken and sighting was done. In short it was a classic TI technique. Wish I had a video. At about 500-600 meters almost 75 meters separated them from the rest.

Winning time for amateur swim was an astounding 43:07. This equates to a 1:08/100 meter pace for 2.4 miles wow, you almost got to believe something is wrong.

No Pros were close to the time. Now get this the individual is 55 years old and from Minneapolis. I will not post names as they are posted in the Ironman Wisconsin race results.

Hard to fathom if I had not picked up on him at about 500 meters.

Dave Cameron do you know of this individual?

Swim Silent and Be Well

wisswim 09-13-2011 08:43 PM

Either he was disqualified or the time was changed. Paul Bozoian was the only one in that age group under an hour at 58:28. An amazing time nonetheless, and a more humanly possible 1:32/100m.

My wife did the ironman (Merriann Carey, bib 817) for the first time at age 50. She came in right at 15 hours. TI has helped her develop a great swim technique that helped set her up for the rest of the day.

A great day for it. Next time we will have to watch together, Westy, if both of us are around. I doubt if Merriann will do it again next year, but it is fun to watch anyway.

I did see that most of the elites used at least part of TI technique, most notably spearing the water instead of reaching over it.

westyswoods 09-13-2011 10:29 PM

Too good to be true
Thanks John, I have not checked results board since Sunday morning. I just had a gut feeling the posted time seemed out of bounds, (43:plus with a 1:08/100).
Curious as to what actually occurred.

Congratulations to your wife for a remarkable achievement.

Swim Silent and Be Well

terry 09-14-2011 07:15 AM

I swam the LaJolla Rough Water Swim on Sunday. No wet suits in this event. The winner, 41 y.o. Alex Kostich (who's won it about 10x) swam 58 min+, an average of 1:08/100m). I swam a more pedestrian 1:23, good for 5th in the 60-64 age group.

westyswoods 09-14-2011 09:47 AM

Get the cane and seeing eye dog

Pedestrian at a miserly 1:23, okay. Won't be long and you'll be ready for floaties. Congratulations on what appears to have been a very productive OW season.
1:08 no wetsuit, rough open water is amazing to me.

Have a great day say hello to all. Happy trail to you until we meet again.

Swim Silent and Be Well

CoachSuzanne 09-15-2011 12:34 AM

I watched Terry's race start...hundreds of swimmers immediately threaded out into the ocean across to Scripp's Pier 2.5k away. I am fairly certain that I was able to spot Terry's stroke and single him out of the hundreds based on his grace, his leisurely stroke, his flawless quick sighting and his planned route around the kelp beds. I missed his arrival at the finish (I went to eat lunch...had an hour to kill), but based on the APPEARANCE of the swimmers arriving I was certain that Terry must have already finished.

It's very educational to watch mass start swims like that and analyze the varied strokes.

(My time for the 1 mile was much slower, and netted me 16/24 in my age group).

westyswoods 09-15-2011 11:13 AM

Ti Perspective
Coach Suzanne,

It is so informative and educational to just observe, especially with the small base of knowledge I have been able to obtain over the past few years. We can learn so much from the observation, when are eyes are opened to various techniques.

Confused as to race. How did you observe Terry as I thought it was a mass start. Do you mind sharing your 100 meter times for us mere less than pedestrian mortals. (That is a joke for all you who can't lighten up)

Thanks for your post Coach, find them informative.

Swim Silent and Be Well

wisswim 09-15-2011 03:13 PM

How much drafting helps
My wife, Merriann, did the Madison Open Water Swim on August 20. The exact same course as the Ironman, but 500 at the start instead of 3,000.

Significantly less drafting with the "MOWS" race. Her time for that was 1:36.02. A few weeks later at the Ironman, her time was 1:32.47. And she was not pushing towards the end, like she did in the MOWS, so you could probably take 30 seconds at least off the Ironman time.

So, about 4 minutes faster due to the effect of the mass drafting in the Ironman. I don't think she used as much drafting as she could have, as later in the course the swimmers do get spread out more. Some of the faster swimmers can probably knock another couple minutes off with good drafting technique.

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