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CoachBillL 01-16-2013 12:49 PM

TI inspiration
Great story in yesterday's NYT about elite athletes ( with this from Natalie Coughlin:

Like many distance swimmers who spend endless hours in the pool, Natalie Coughlin, 30, used to daydream as she swam laps. She'd been a competitive swimmer for almost her entire life, and this was the way she - and many others - managed the boredom of practice.
But when she was in college, she realized that daydreaming was only a way to get in the miles; it was not allowing her to reach her potential. So she started to concentrate every moment of practice on what she was doing, staying focused and thinking about her technique.
"That's when I really started improving," she said. "The more I did it, the more success I had."

Of course it works even better if you're Natalie Coughlin...

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