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AWP 04-19-2013 04:30 PM

Hope the chiro 'straightens' you out ; )
I had a restorative practice myself yesterday with same time constraint (had to get back to work) so opted for a "tune-up". I dug this out of my mental archive, one I recall you posting some time ago, remembering it was helpful then and curious as to how it would feel now. I altered it a bit, I think you had done rounds of 200s, but felt it fell in line with the mile project.
(Note: I'll also share some of what I've done recently, although I've failed to get a really complete/formal session in, focused solely on "mile project metrics", but still feel I've become aware of what I'll need to do to make further improvement.)

Mile Project Tune-up Session
600y FR as
200 balance- 'no' kick (slightest "flick", mostly weight shift/hip nudge)
200 streamlining (timing of 2bk to "spearing" entry on opposite side)
200 propulsion (focus on timing/pressure on anchor arm thru stroke to kick on same side)
This was a continuous swim
Throughout the session, breathed every 3 strokes on balance, 2left 2right on streamlining and 1 length left 1 right on propulsion.

50 EZ BK

2x 300 FR as
2x150 B/S/P continuous, 50 each focus per 150

50 EZ BK

6x 100FR
Each 100 as 25B 25S 25P 25swim
#1 1:29
#2 1:29
#3 1:27
#4 1:25
#5 1:25
#6 1:23
After a quick realization that I managed to maintain 'pace' perhaps improving so slightly, naturally, as repeat distance shortened, I decided to add a bit of intentional "oomph" to each focus after each pair of 100 repeats. That's not to say I tried to swim harder, rather tightened my focus on each successive repeat on each stroke focus and managed to shave 6 seconds within same stroke counts.
Strokes per length
Balance 12/13
Streamline 14
Propulsion 15


Breath every 3
12 spl

AWP 04-24-2013 08:00 PM

At mid distance repeats (150s/200s) I was able to see a maintained and sustainable pace increase throught the sets @ each distance. However, it was the longer repeats where I saw slowed pace overall although successive times for those distances never slowed.
I suspect my turns and approach before turns may play a part in this accumatively; missed turn, a second added, sloppy breakout or added stroke, a second perhaps two added.

For my percieved effort my return remained consistent and I can look to improve, from here, my efficiency then my metrics and my effectiveness in doing so.

Mid distance avg. Pace per 50/100 yd improved from approx. :44/1:28 to :42/1:24.
1650/550s pace avg. :45+/1:30+.

I'll share portions from the past couple of weeks practices...

400 medley 25s FR/BK/BR/FR
A. Descended 3:06 to 3:00
B. Descended 2:50 to 2:48
I had halted this main task because I felt there was too much of a gap in pace difference and didn't want to push it for the sake of times. I wanted a comfortable improvement. (Note: my best marked time with equal spl for this distance is approx. 2:38)
400 medley
A. Descended 2:15 to 2:13
2x200 medley
B. Descended 2:12 to 2:08
2x(4x50s FR/BK/BR/FR)
C. 3x(3x50FR)
Improved pace from :43 to :41
1650FR approx. 25:30
400 medley as 100s FR/BK/BR/FR
Maintain pace (1:26-1:25)
2x(4x50s FR/BK/BR/FR)
6x100 EZ medley
(1:50 to 1:40)
100s FR
Descend, after every 2 repeats add stroke
1:22/ 2x50 (:38)(:41)((1:19))
1:21/2x50 (:39)(:40) ((1:19))

In each case where I broke down or halted a repeat distance,occured when I felt intuitively that I'd squeeked out as much as I could comfortably at my stroke count/PRE for that distance, but wanted to continue to improve pace at those spls.

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