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Thank you!
A little less than 11 months ago, I got into a pool for the first time as part of my goal to eventually become a triathlete. I managed one lap before I thought I would die. It was mid July and I was hoping to be able to swim a mile in January but couldn't see how that would be possible. As I was talking about my woes at work a friend told me about TI.

I bought the book and then the DVD. I was religious about practicing the steps and started to do actual swimming sometime in October. I was shocked by how much I was enjoying my time in the water. At the end of November I had a delightful swim lasting 90 minutes. I would have kept going if they hadn't kicked me out. I didn't have a reliable tracker at the time but I am pretty sure I blew past my 1 mile goal.

By March I felt confident that I could get into open water knowing that I could handle a long duration swim as long as I could keep from freaking out.

April and May I was on a long term assignment in San Francisco and hooked up with an open water group. My first time heading out into the bay (after having swum once close to shore) I almost turned back because I was freaking out. I am not sure I've ever felt so small. I swear that I was out there for hours even though my watch told me it was a mere 44 minutes. After a couple of more swims I was able to calm down enough to focus on my stroke and savor the environment. I am totally hooked.

When my group sponsored an Alcatraz swim, I signed up. With total confidence, I jumped off of a boat into the middle of the bay. It was a pretty amazing to relax into a rhythm out there, breath left–look at the bay bridge, breath right–look at the Golden Gate, and then, at the end, sighting with Golden Gate at the background. Everything I had learned from TI served me extremely well. I can't wait to get back into the water.

I started out looking to survive a swim and have fallen in love with a completely new sport that expect to enjoy for the rest of my life.

Thanks to all who make this possible.

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