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andyinnorway 11-23-2015 09:52 AM

andyinnorway autumn 2015 training diary
My passion for swimming is at an all time high so I'm back in the pool 5-6 times a week.

My goal over the next few months is to spend the off season filling in the missing gaps in my swim arsenal (bilateral breathing - flip turns - dolphin kick - flutter kick - other strokes), and see what effect that has on my speed, especially over sprint distances.

I'd like to keep a log of my sessions as a reference for later and welcome any forum comment or analysis.

Monday 23rd November - 1600m - Lane Conditions light.

4x50 bilateral warm up and stretch with flip turn

4x100 full lope timing 200m pace effort (tt0.75 2 beeps one side 1 beep the other) breathe right up breathe left down off 2:30. REPEAT ONCE.

my times were all around 1.38-1.39 which equates to 5s slowdown compared to only breathing on my strong side. I was also a bit late on some turns and took some double breath beeps on the left side. There was an element of Monday morning in my focus.

Kicking set in the kids pool (circa 12m)
10x alternate left and right lead arm single breath flutter kick

my right lead arm side feels more comfortable than my left

12x dolphin kick - four front - four side - four back
2nd week i've tried this - still very clumsy but getting across the pool

4x100 breastroke off 2:45 (tt0.84 3 beeps per stroke) aiming for 9 strokes and 4 beep push off

I was happy with this set, I held SPL and was able to relax more through progressive repeats. interval times around 1:54

8x25 line ups line ups are my term for controlled freestyle sprints - two breaths per length with a focus on rhythmic turnover and holding the straightest line I can down the pool. I try to pick a TT setting that I can make everytime but only just

These are fun and today was good. tt0.84. 17 strokes. 22 beeps time 18.5 seconds, 8 consistent laps.

I was in the pool about an hour and it went too quickly.

terry 11-23-2015 08:36 PM

I'm happy to see you also keeping a training diary and am delighted to hear your passion for swimming is at an all-time high. I can't claim the same--that's reserved for outdoor swimming in a 50m pool or open water. However I've been feeling great.
Right now I'm doing mostly SPL+Time sets. I'll gradually work in tempo.
Like you I'm doing speed work. For me anything faster than 400m pace qualifies.
Today I did a set of 50s geared toward swimming a fast 200y at Masters Nationals in April. My goal is 2:20, two seconds faster than I swam in the 60-64 age group.
I'm just about to post today's practice on my log.
I'll keep following.

PS:Are the line-ups geared toward a race-pace 50m free?

andyinnorway 11-24-2015 04:28 PM

Hi Terry,

Yes Line ups are a sprint distance focus for me but also to teach me accurate symmetrical rotation on both sides on my stroke rate limit.

Interestingly this has increased dramatically with my work on bilateral breathing. In the summer I could keep pace with the TT at 0.85 on a head down (single breath) count of 10 strokes, now I'm nearer 0.60 which is 100 strokes a minute.

I'm planning to use this to go under 14s for a wall push off 25m. This will be a big step forward for me. The maths on that will be a 3 beep push off, 10 strokes, extra beep for breath and then 9 strokes.

23 beeps x 0.6 = 13.8s

andyinnorway 11-24-2015 04:50 PM

Tuesday 24 November 2015 - Lane Conditions Light - Swimming buddy Stuart

4x50 bilateral warm up with flip turn. this will be my warm up everyday for the next few sessions.

8x100 bilateral with flip turns. Very easy pace - feather light touch on the pull. focusing on learning to relax into a 3 stroke breathing pattern after a flip turn breakout. No cheating allowed. 3 flip turns, no 2 breath strokes for comfort. Pace approx 1:55 SPL 18-19. Rest interval 30s. 100m feels about the right interval at the moment to test breath control whilst trying to maintain stroke form.

3x100 breastroke (stuart loves breastroke), easy up faster back imprint good streamline as we push forward, try to carry that easy streamlined glide felt at leisure pace into the return lap at greater effort level.

4-3-2-1 500m freestyle at 100m pace My Tempo trainer fell out of my bag yesterday and wasn't handed in to the pool so I had to do this without the beeps. We worked hard on this set and held 1:20 pace for most of it despite some awkward lane traffic to negotiate. I clocked a 1:24 for the 100 which equals my previous best from 3 years ago.

2x25m line ups 2x25m warm down lineups just to show Stuart what they were and warm down to make use of the last 2 minutes of pool time before kick out.

1900m total workout and I enjoyed having someone to share the set with.

andyinnorway 11-25-2015 10:09 AM

Wednesday 25th November 2015 - Lane Conditions very good - Waiting delivery of new Tempo trainer so no precise metrics possible.

After reading Terry's post I realised that I too should set a specific target, so I have decided to enter the Long course 50m national masters championship in 2016 and will target a time under 30s.

This is a big ask as it's taken me nearly 5 years to get to a current best of around 37/38, but it feels achievable with a sprint specific training focus, coupled with some promising 25m times lately.

4x50 bilateral warmup with flip turns

8x100 with flip turns. 3 beat lope timing single side breathing up, bilateral back, strong effort.

I'll swim this way to try to imprint relaxation during the bilateral stroke cycle. Breathing every 3 beeps on breaststroke seems meditative,breathing every 3 beeps on one side with a full lope (spear - glide - breathe) seems relaxing so I want to transfer that sense of ease to the first two strokes in the bilateral cycle by swimming alternate lengths.

My secondary focus was to really take advantage of my middle stroke in the bilateral lengths. You can feel the acceleration as the body rotates in full streamline.

This was my main effort of the day and my pace was consistent over the 8 intervals around 1:37 plus or minus a second.


10x15m flutter kicks with alternate lead arms in the kids pool
10x15m dolphin kicks, front and both sides.

BREASTROKE STARTS and streamline

12x25m practice push off into split pull aiming to come up for first breath at 10m marker, then 4 more strokes to finish length. focus on holding a good body position and observing the effect of head position on glide distance.

4x25 Oom pah pahs This is how I think of a Shinji low SPL 25m. Explosive pull/snap phase into a relaxed glide and recovery. I'll do lots of these to practice precise hand movement during the power phase of my sprints. SPL today was 14. I'll observe if this descends over the next few weeks.

Total metres swum 1400 plus kick sets.

I would have liked to have added a 4-3-2-1 but was out of pool time. I need to get in 15 minutes earlier on kick set days.

andyinnorway 11-27-2015 07:02 AM

Thursday 27 November 2015 - lane conditions good - with James

If I get a swim partner I try to tailor the days session to their preferences. James prefers aerobic workouts to too much technique and drills.

4x50m bilateral warm up with flip turns. thinking about symmetry (left right rotation differences), extension (check position at end of spear) and flow (rhythmical relaxed switching).

4x200m swum as 2x right side breathe, bilateral, breaststroke, left side breathe
approx 30s rest according to other swimmers position in the lane.

These felt great, all 4 times within 2 seconds of 3:30 and my breaststroke lengths felt easy and smooth.

12x25 oom pah pah - SPL13 - also explained dropped elbow to James hence extra repeats.

4x50 near sprint (40s) practicing flip turns at higher speed

1500m total

Waiting for replacement Tempo Trainer to arrive.

terry 11-27-2015 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by andyinnorway (Post 55844)
3 beat lope timing

Andy, can you explicate this phrase please?

PS: Sub 30s 50LCM is a VERY worthy goal.
I'll be happy this season to swim sub 30s for 50y.

terry 11-27-2015 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by andyinnorway (Post 55835)
The maths on that will be a 3 beep push off, 10 strokes, extra beep for breath and then 9 strokes.

23 beeps x 0.6 = 13.8s

19 SPL at 0.6 is quite good.
6-Beat Kick I imagine?

andyinnorway 11-28-2015 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by terry (Post 55876)
Andy, can you explicate this phrase please?

PS: Sub 30s 50LCM is a VERY worthy goal.
I'll be happy this season to swim sub 30s for 50y.


3 beat lope timing (resting while moving)

It's something I started by accident in the summer to break up long swims in the sea (2 hours plus).

Any lope timed stroke has a ratio between the quick and the slow side. This may by 6:5 or 5:4, but for me the 'full lope' is 2:1, spending twice as long on one side as the other.

To use the tempo trainer with this stroke results in 3 beeps for every 2 strokes. e.g.

beep 1 - right hand spear
beep 2 - right hand forward and glide
beep 3 - rotate to breathe and complete full left side stroke

I find this timing matches the way I would breath during recovery (or imagine a weight lifter before the effort).

During a long swim I would count 50 regular timed strokes, then throw in 10 of these full lope strokes as both a mixup and a rest.

The curiosity was that I started to catch up swimmers in front of me during these full lope cycles so realised I was actually going faster on this timing than in normal stroke.

I've started to experiment with this in the pool, in both my sprint sets and regular swimming. I find it a very relaxing way to swim quickly.

As I start to plan my 50m freestyle attempt I'm thinking to use this in the stroke mix.

I tried my first 3 racing dives since aged 12 during my last pool session so the start of my race is a big unknown but will look something like.

Dive and dolphin kicks 10m 5s.

That leaves me 25s to swim 40m. which is 41 beeps with TT at 0.6

10 strokes head down (10 beeps)
1 full lope stroke to recover breathing (3 beeps)
8 strokes head down (8 beeps)
1 full lope stroke (3 beeps)
8 strokes head down (8beeps)
1 full lope stroke (3 beeps)

This leaves 6 head down strokes to reach the wall with an SPL of 41 to make target time (29.6)

It will be a very worthy achievement to improve my 50m time by 20% in 6 months.

Tomorrow I plan to test the maths with a trip to the nearest 50m pool and my tempo trainer replacement is waiting for pickup today.

I'll put the TT on 1.0 and see how far I can take it down whilst maintaining the above stroke schedule.

andyinnorway 11-28-2015 07:47 AM

Friday27 November 2015 - lane conditions - very congested (8 swimmers)

I'd planned to swim some short rest interval breast stroke 100's today but lane conditions were prohibitive.

The average speed of the lane was around 2 minutes per 100m so I ended up doing a lot of 50m repeats to make the most of the lane conditions, swum as

4x50 warm up

FR 50m with leisurely stroke timing (2 lope - 4 head down) with precise SPL targets (15 up 16 back), rest until lane snake nearly catches up (20s). All with flip turn. I was happy with my times as they held at 42. on my last interval I upped the stroke rate, held SPL and came in at 38s.

BR push off's looking to surface at 10m line for first stroke (I was nearer 9)

I also did a few
BR 100m in 1:50 rest as snake rotates 50m

I finished the set with a few dive starts as I haven't done these in 30 years.

Lane congestion and low focus made this a very average session but I still enjoyed my time in the water.

Tempo training resumes tomorrow which will help.

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