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CoachHeikoStribl 10-16-2014 05:23 AM

Investing in a Endless Pool
Endless Pool.... Its a endless thought in my mind.
Do you have some experience in this? If yes.... Please share your thoughts.

Is it worth the investment......?
For a "beginner coach" trying to build up a customer base, plus building the brand name Total Immersion, and investing in marketing material, the endless pool is a big decision.

However.... I am fed up of not getting pool space.either due to the pools being crowded, or the local club not wanting "another coach" to teach in their pool.

The strengths in having a endless pool are simple: I can book classes from 7:00 to 22:00 7 days a week.
The teaching level, and service provided to the student is far greater than in a public pool.

The investment is quite substantial. Include depreciation, plus monthly running seems like I would need quite a few students before I even start making a profit out of it.

Location.... Will customers really drive to come for swim training? If yes, how far are they willing to travel?
The pool is permanent: mens IF I move house, what happens with the pool?

Without a doubt, I would be one of a handfull of coaches offering such a service. Clearly it would give me a big business oppertunity...but big enough to pay for the investment?

I would appreciate your comments and advice.


CoachDebSagan 09-17-2016 01:36 AM

Endless Pool
What did you end up doing? I am curious because I have been thinking about it too!

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