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swimust 04-27-2012 02:57 PM

CoachDavidShen, please advice and comment
Hi again, I will try and be "short and to the point". Thanks for any tips :)
Today at the pool, I delayed the pulling(after the catch) until the whole entering hand got in water. As a result, I could experiment and try different pulling positions and their effect on the body rotation.
I found what I consider as a "serious aha moment". I started to pull and snap with the back of my upper arm looking vertically to the sky, also keeping the back of the deltoid looking up, and the elbow centered.
I kept all three in same position during the snap.
I think that Shinji calls it: "using the elbow as fulcrum".
As a result, I was averaging 11 SPL on 25 Meters at a slow but legal pace with recovery hand moving all then time. I repeated 11 SPL more than 10 times, I made 10 SPL once.

Do I make sense? Looks like I was not pulling and snapping with the upper arm in the right angle until now. I was not keeping it on a vertical axis.

As a result of my new upper arm position, my body was reacting naturally to the pulling and was forced to rotate. I guess that this is the "body rotation" and the body rotation is a reaction to the stroke(the pull)! Is that "normal"? From what I feel, I may have found a serious breakthrough in my swim.

Many thanks for your advice and comments

swimust 04-30-2012 11:43 AM

No comment after few days so I guess I am talking nonsense again then...
Strange because I felt real good after this change (The change was: back of upper arm looking up to the sky the moment the upper arm is besides the torso).
I was not aligning the upper arm during the pull (if it makes sense). So its a "no" then and I have just invented a new style, good. :)

Will check that soon in the pool but I am almost sure I am not wrong.

This 7 SPL video of the Japanese coach shows exactly what I mean:
See how he pauses after each snap with his upper arm and deltoid and elbow, all aligned and looking vertically upwards. Thats what happens also during the second part of the pull. Thats the aim.
I am still optimistic about my chances to be one of the first self coached swimmers of the Shinji style :)
I wonder how many managed to do that without a workshop

P.S. - There are more from where this video came from and I am gone watch and learn them from here: - its a shame that I dont know Japanese.. :(

swimust 04-30-2012 12:17 PM

Just found this great video by the same Japanese coach and thats all I needed. yes! at last.

The bottom right frame: thats exactly what I was doing the last time in the pool! back of upper arm looking up (sending vertical laser beam) half way through the pull, then the body is forced to rotate by the pulling arm. That was the mistake keeping me from swimming. not aligning the upper arm.
at last!

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