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CoachStuartMcDougal 05-06-2016 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Josefish (Post 58630)

I will use lanolin for my neck. Have you used it ? doesn't matter how long you swim. At the end you have to clean it up with a towel from the neck. It is sold in Pharmacies at least here in Spain.
I prefer to use the wetsuit. I am a warm water fish, 18 is cold for me used to swim in the mediterranean. I know for you guys in the Pacific , it's different.

Thank you for your tips.



Hi Joe,

I haven't tried the lanolin, sounds like that should work much better than most products. Body Glide (stick) dissolves quickly. But I have used the TriSlide oil, spray on both inside of wetsuit around neck and armpits and on the skin too - much better results than Body Glide no chafe and had to towel it off too. But haven't use for 10k wetsuit swimming. Here's a link to trislide: (Works good on feet too for long distance running)


andyinnorway 05-09-2016 08:35 PM

I nearly got to 10K last year. Our local training group started at 1km and added 1km a week. the 9km week had more tide than expected so I ended up with 3:30 in the water with 1 kayak support for 10 swimmers so if you waved and waited you got a drink and a kitkat.

I was also in a wetsuit.

If you treat the swim as a walk on the hills then I think you'll be able to complete the swim from a fitness perspective. I found the biggest challenge to be the saltwater after 3 hours. It began to feel like I was stuffing my face with salty crisps every breath. Up till that point I was really enjoying it.

No idea what the channel swimmers do about this. Rinse more often with clean drinking water perhaps.

Have a great swim whatever and good luck with your challenge.

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