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oscardec 07-12-2017 09:18 AM

Front arm sinking on breath
Hi all, I did a TI workshop 6 weeks ago and went from swimming a couple of lengths front crawl (freestyle) to regularly swimming a mile, so stroke and enjoyment has been transformed.

I'm sure my stroke isn't fantastic, though, and in particular I find my leading (right) arm is sinking when I breathe to the left causing me to become unstable and rush the recovery. Any thoughts on where I might be going wrong or recommendations on how I can improve this?

CoachBobM 07-13-2017 06:56 AM

It's hard to see your stroke from here. But my experience has been that when a swimmer's leading arm drops when they breathe, it's usually because they are raising their head to breathe and are pushing down with their leading arm to push their head and shoulders up.

Do you breathe on only one side, or do you do bilateral breathing? I ask because you only mention having the problem when you breathe to your left, and I'm trying to determine whether that means you don't have the problem when breathing to your right, or whether you never breathe to your right.

Also, do you have any problems if you roll to your interrupted breathing position (also sometimes called "sweet spot") to breathe?


oscardec 07-18-2017 09:19 AM

Hi Bob, firstly apologies for the late reply, I had some tech issues.

I currently breathe only on my left and every other stroke. I think you may be right about trying to raise my head to breathe.

I don't think we did sweet spot in the Effortless Endurance course I did recently but I have looked online and tried and I don't think I have a problem breathing in that position.

I have found a series of three TI videos about breathing, specifically rolling to breathe, leading with the hip and not reaching to breathe, which look very helpful: 'Total Immersion Coach Greg - Roll To Breathe'

I'm going to try concentrating on rolling to breathe and not reaching to breathe. It sounds great in theory, but we'll see..!

CoachBobM 07-18-2017 11:20 AM

Let us know how you make out!


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