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theprune 05-21-2018 09:37 PM

going forward
I've been trying to learn the total immersion technique for freestyle for about 6 months now, I've had a couple of lessons and attended a day workshop. I think I am making some progress, but it's very slow and a sometimes frustrating. For the past 2 months ive been swimming about 4 times a week but still can't really feel much difference

I'm about 6 foot, 67kg (skinny), not that naturally buoyant (although I seem to be able to balance ok in the various drills), never been a good swimmer - i can swim lengths of 25m with a few seconds break in between but it's very slow as I can't seem how to work out how to go forward, if I want to speed up I just end up kicking harder or pulling harder, if I don't pull and kick very gently I hardly go forward at all.

there is obviously a big hole in my understanding of the technique but I don't know what it is. I have read that the hips should drive the stroke but I don't know how I should be moving to facilitate this.

I think I might need to go right back to basics - I have the total immersion book but it seems like it's very different from what I was shown and I gather a little outdated - are there web resources that will advise me on how to practice and give me basic advice on freestyle stroke?

Tom Pamperin 05-22-2018 01:11 AM

Check out the TI Effortless Endurance course--I think that would prove to be useful for your situation:

Welcome to TI! It's well worth the time and effort you invest.

sclim 05-22-2018 05:23 AM

I consider myself extremely athletic (in other sports), although I'm 70, but I've been banging away at TI for 5-6 years and I tend to get discouraged at my slow progress despite all my diligent practice and effort. But then I reflect I was actually afraid of water, I'm very skinny and a sinker, and other random people looking at me now think I'm a very good swimmer (I'm not really compared to other TI students), and I have competed in 4 Half Ironman races and 2 Full Ironman races, so I've actually come a long way.

So, yes it really works. Best if you can find yourself a real live hands on TI certified coach; learning from the book or video alone is definitely a second best choice.

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