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Talvi 09-15-2014 06:48 PM

Hi drtse, here's a video with Terry and Shinji both doing sub 60spm (about 0.95 TT)

I'm obsessed with numbers today ... and it seems dyscalculia again unseated me earlier .. so, fwiw I am pretty confident that:

1. Steve West's 2.4m in 44:28 is a pace of 69.48 secs/100m (not 1.07!?!!), and he's covering about 1.44 m/sec.

2. From that FB clip, he's doing a stroke every 0.95 secs, so, with a 3 beep push off = 2.85 secs = say 4m, he's doing a SCM at between 14 and 15spl.

3. At 0.95 sec/strk his stroke length is about 1.37m, so if he's say 1.8m tall (just shy of 5'11") that's about a 75% conversion ... all maintained over a continuous swim of nearly 4,000m, in OW!!

4. He's taking 17:22 to do each 1500m .. Sun Yang does it in 14:31 .. in a pool!

I'm going to go lie down!

CoachStuartMcDougal 09-16-2014 01:38 AM

Excellent work Sherlock! It is quite incredible the speed Steve can swim for almost a 5k or longer with the metrics you laid out. In many circles his 62 spm would be considered "gliding" and that's bad? It's tough to argue with that success, elite swimmer or otherwise.

Long strokes!


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