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Newbie Question about Head Position
I am at the point in the self-taught process where I crossing from zipper switches into actual swimming.
I've become aware that it feels like my head is very high out of the water. (Feels like 1/2 out.) When I try to push deeper I get more of that 'lying on your lungs' sensation, but I end up with my hand down closer to 6 oclock and it all feels awkward.

Should I worry about this at the moment?
What drills could help with this?
Any visualization images that could help?

daveblt 09-26-2017 12:50 AM

You should not have to push your head down and your hand position has nothing to do with how far down your press your head. The lying on your lungs sensation comes from how you position your BODY in the water. Look down
and let your head and neck relax .At the same time while keeping your arm and hand without any tension just try to keep your hand below the elbow and elbow below the shoulder and try experimenting with different spearing positions .

Dave 09-26-2017 02:53 PM

Thanks Dave. Every once in a while I can feel it click. I think my hand position is solid. I will stop pushing down on my head and try to build more body awareness of when it is all working.

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