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tomoy 09-18-2012 06:37 AM

A couple years back, I think there was a study done on the underwater dolphin kick - and what swimmers do when they kick off of the wall - and how a huge amount of forward proportion was generated in the last few inches of the swimmer's feet (granted the toes get credit for all the coordinated work of the rest of the body).

And then there's this:

It would seem that the most viable version of a true freestyle would look like this, with a little porpoising to breathe. Short of that kind of radical, I'd say there's probably something to be said about mastering the Shinji toe-flick.

zzr219400 09-18-2012 08:13 AM

《鞭状运动之游泳理论新说》从往复运动和简谐振动(或波动)出发,创新了一个包含定义、性质、特征的鞭状 运动概念。从而揭示了人类的游泳动作和鱼尾摆动、鞭子甩动以及鸭掌拨水等诸如此类运动的内在关联性和一致 性;进而阐明了四种竞技泳姿的三大基础技术组合,即平衡技术、最小加速技术和8字循环技术的组合;凸显 了游泳技术柔的艺术的本质;最终实现了《新说》理论与现存游泳理论与实践的完美融合,使游泳基础理论研 究又向前迈进了一大步。

Richardsk 09-18-2012 08:31 AM

The video of Hill Taylor doing the underwater dolphin is certainly evidence of its efficacy, even if most of us can't do it as well or as long as he can. I gather (or perhaps guess on the basis of the pretty awful automatic translation) that in real fish-like swimming, as practised by fish, there is a figure eight movement, which may be hard for humans to imitate. We also need to breathe air. 'He swims like a fish' is unfortunately a mere figure of speech. Although we are distantly related to dolphins (and even more distantly to fish) we are far from being able to swim like them. It's still fun to try.

zzr219400 09-21-2012 02:17 AM

正确地“鞭状打水(whip-like motion)”就是最好的像鱼一样游泳。




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