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daveblt 11-27-2014 05:29 PM

2 beat kick balance
I was watching a video recently about balance in freestyle and it suggested that help find better balance you should keep your back straight and feel your legs pull on the glutes , pelvis and spine to help shift your weight more forward making you swim more horizontally and to keep the legs up, and I'm not sure if this was ever mentioned or thought of about the two beat kick as being an aid for balance ,but it does seem that when you are spearing in to the water and the leg on the same side is on the upbeat , the leg pulls a little on the glutes and pelvis and maybe the spine in the same way to help shift your weight more forward towards the center of buoyancy or gravity .Does this seem correct ?
I would like any thoughts on this .


Talvi 11-29-2014 02:51 PM

Dave I read this as the kick is my most recent focus.

IMO the goal is for one leg to be dead straight and only one to move in a small flick-kick. I think the glutes, lower back etc will be stressed by keeping the leg still flat and pointy, especially at the start of doing this, as well as coming into play during the uplift of the leg that's about to kick.

My focus is on starting the main rotation (cued by gravity on recovery arm) with a small kick just before the hand enters the water.


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