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scribe3 06-02-2018 05:04 PM

Best Method
So, I have seen, and spoken too, people at the pool, who tend to breathe in two different ways, one way, they hum out there air,while swimming and just before they turn to breathe, they exhale hard, and take a breathe

And the second way, is they hum out their air, while swimming, just enough to take a breathe, without exhaling hard, to make just enough room, in there lungs to take a breathe and keep going.

I was wondering which, of these two methods, is the best way to breathe.

CoachBobM 06-03-2018 02:37 AM

The underlying principle is that you can only take in as much air as there is available space in your lungs. So if there is still air in your lungs when you try to breathe in, the amount of air you're going to be able to take in will be limited. And the air that is still remaining in your lungs will be carbon dioxide. So you will feel the need to breathe again sooner than if you had exhaled all of the air from your lungs before taking a breath.

Another reason for using the first method is because blowing out air through your nose just as your nose and mouth are surfacing will reduce the chances that you will inhale water (which can be very uncomfortable).


scribe3 06-03-2018 11:52 PM

Thanks, coach, I have been struggling with the breathing part, for a while now, it seem like everyone at the pool has a different technique

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