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caronis 09-09-2011 10:31 PM

Easy Freestyle Pdf & Other Strokes Too?
Hi Y'All!
I have recently been watching the DVD Easy Freestyle and discovered a great Pdf that summarizes the DVD.
It is located here:

I am wondering, since I also own the other DVD's on BreastStroke, Betterfly, and Backstroke, if there are associated Pdf's with the other DVDs?

If not, then has anyone created their own Drill Sheet for these other strokes?
I found this Total Immersion Freestyle Drills Cheat Sheet at

I would like to find other resources and programs for the other strokes.

JC_Yang 09-13-2011 03:08 AM

Extraordinary Swimming for Every Body is the right one for your request. It's not free now, but I highly recommend you get one on hand. I purchased mine with the swimmer bundle.

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