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WFEGb 10-14-2017 07:51 AM

Hello Abdargush,

please, please don't take that cited smiling comment (of a MD) as my advocation to pee in the pool!

And at least everyone has to decide if it's healthier to swim in a chlorined and sometimes (hopefully never) peed pool or don't swim anymore.

Think the most of us don't have a chance to swim in (biological) clear OW all year round...

Best regards,

Abdargush 10-14-2017 08:34 AM

My point is not to decide to whether to swim in any given swimming pool, it is rather to point out that it is the responsibility of everyone to properly wash oneself before entering water, precisely because the water of that swimming pool is used by many others.

In my opinion, it is also the responsibility of experienced coaches and swimmers to explain the basic rules to those not in the know.

If your intention was not to advocate peeing in the pool, I see undue sarcasm in you stating such an incomplete statement as well as mentioning biologically clear OW water when we are talking about swimming pools. That may lead people to think that it is ok to make fun of chemical hazards in the swimming area due to selfish people, as well as the consequences on the mid- to long-term health conditions of others.

If that that was not your intention, I do apologise.
My point remains the same though.

Abdargush 10-14-2017 08:39 AM

PS bis:

1. toxins generated by bacteria are not necessary filtered out by the kidneys (the penis and the vagina are not clean though), therefore urine might be sterile in some cases, but still be chemically hazardous.

2. Unfortunately, many rivers, lakes, seas and others are bacteriologically and/or chemically unsafe for humans, not because it is naturally so, but rather because humans made them so. It is indeed sadder than peeing in a swimming pool.

WFEGb 10-14-2017 02:09 PM

Hello Abdargush,

don't let us warm up this six months old thread too much. Maybe too much sarcasm from my side. (Think Eric understood how I ment it, and you're a bit stronger and more serious about...) My very last comment in this thread:

In all known public pools in Germany it's mandatory to take a cleaning shower with soap before entering the pool. Not sure if this will guarantee there will not be any pee in the pool. Although nobody will like it in any way.

Best regards,

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