Marsha Marinich

Annandale, VA

Level 2

(202) 438-3472

Coach Marsha Marinich Bill Gates said ubiquitous computing. I say ubiquitous swimming. My vision is a world in which everyone has the important life skill of swimming. I have been swimming, teaching, and coaching the Total Immersion technique for almost a decade. In that time, I have worked with swimmers of all ages who want to improve their technique and learn the principles of movement in a liquid medium. I delight in being able to share a dignity preserving approach to swim instruction with adult learners. I can honestly say that TI is the best approach for learning and refining the skill of the adult swimmer. I also work with children starting from age 5. Teaching balance and whole body swimming to kids is a joy. I blend drills and other approaches to swimming with kids so that they learn how to work with the water rather than in a power struggle with the water. Teaching is a way of life for me. My professional career has been built on education, training and development, and performance improvement. I am a small business owner, university professor of information technology, and a doctoral candidate in business administration. My research is on goal setting in the workplace. I believe that the human body was not designed to be sedentary any more that the human mind was designed to be inactive. The Total Immersion approach engages the body and the mind.