Kevin Millerick

Holland, PA

Level 2


Coach Kevin Millerick Holland, PA 267-637-6373 I've been a Total Immersion instructor since 1999. During that time I've assisted at, or directed, over 200 TI workshops of all kinds, all over the world, including Weekend Freestyle Workshops, Kid's Camps, 4 Stroke Workshops and Teacher Training Workshops. From 2002-2007 I was Head Coach & Managing Director of Total Immersion in the UK. I moved back to the States in early 2007 to begin operating SwimTech, a swim instruction company located in Castle Rock, CO. During that time I coached the Castle Rock masters swim team (2007-10), City of Englewood Swim Team (2007-11), Rocky Mountain Storm age group team (2007-12), the Castle Pines Storm (2009) & Castle Crocs (2007-8) summer teams. I also swim regularly to be sure I "walk the walk". We also organize & run TI workshops all over the U.S. in about 10 cities. You'll find them listed here on the TI website's Workshops & Camps page or on our website at www.swimtech.netAt SwimTech, in our Total Immersion swim studio, we had a dual-current Endless Pool & were able to teach every age & ability of swimmer. Along with my wife, Sarah, also a TI instructor for over 10 yrs., we have over 25 yrs. of swim instruction experience. We offered private, semi-private & group instruction in our pool. Since moving to Dubai in early 2012, we both teach at Desert Sport Services, a local swim school with over 600 students. My main goal as Head Coach is to implement a smarter curriculum for the students, based on TI's principles. I'll also start DSS's first competitive swim team so the kids will have a smart outlet for their new strokes. For more information please visit out website.