Perpetual Motion Freestyle: Total Immersion Self Coached Workshop

Perpetual Motion Freestyle: Total Immersion Self Coached Workshop

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Product Description

Be Your Own Best Coach:

The first swimming program that lets you take charge of your improvement.

Learn when and where you want.

Customize your lessons to your needs, abilities and goals.

Learn to plan practice sessions and make informed adjustments--as a professional coach would--as you proceed from Lesson One to the whole stroke.

The Self-Coaching Advantage:

By teaching yourself, you not only build a better stroke, you even build a better brain. Neuroscientists say that learning which requires intense focus and is pursued independently is the best way to stay mentally sharp at any age. Striving to improve your swimming is perfect for brain building.

The Self-Coached Workshop goes beyond any previous swim video by teaching you how to learn, not just how to swim. Lessons and insights from teaching thousands of adults since 1989 are reflected in dozens of tips on how to keep your learning on the fast track.

Lesson Summary:

LESSON 1: Relax Into Weightlessness
Human swimmers instinctively fight gravity to avoid sinking. This causes survival stroking. Lesson 1 teaches you to cooperate with gravity by relaxing into weightlessness. This increases comfort, saves energy, and frees your arms and legs for more effective movement.

LESSON 2: A More Slippery You
Fish swim 10 times faster than humans with far less energy cost because of naturally-streamlined bodies. Lesson 2 teaches you to reshape and reposition arms, legs and torso to minimize drag, helping you travel farther, faster and easier with each stroke.

LESSON 3: Breathe Easy
Breathing with ease is essential to swimming your best. Mastering this early in your improvement process will make it easier to learn the lessons and skills that follow. Lesson 3 teaches you to rotate smoothly to air, while maintaining the slippery bodyline created in Lesson 2.

LESSON 4: Active Streamlining
Dolphins swim fast and gracefully, with barely a ripple. Human swimmers can emulate dolphins via Active Streamlining and whole-body propulsion. Lesson 4 teaches you to pierce the water with your extending arm then slip a streamlined body through that hole.

LESSON 5: Rhythmic Movement & Breathing Drills in Lessons 1 to 4 included pauses to tweak mini-skills for improved comfort and efficiency. As the parts improve so does the whole. Lesson 5 combines foundation skills with flowing, rhythmic movement to more closely simulate whole stroke swimming.

LESSON 6: Propel Effortlessly
The most efficient source of power in human movement is the weight shift, combining free energy from gravity and your core body. Lesson 6 improves propulsion by teaching you to connect arm and leg action to the effortless power of rhythmic weight shifts.

LESSON 7: Channel Energy Forward
The key contribution of freestyle recovery is to channel and concentrate energy along the direction of travel. Lesson 7 teaches a compact, relaxed recovery that helps channels energy and puts your hand into the best position to move you forward.

LESSON 8: Integrate New Skills
Lessons 4 and 5 focused on active streamlining and rhythmic weight shifts. Lessons 6 and 7 linked weight shifts to propulsion. Lesson 8 blends new skills into a harmonious whole by sequencing movements from all four lessons.

LESSON 9: Single Arm Practice
Single Arm drills help you get more out of each stroke by connecting armstrokes to hip action and holding more water as you breathe.

LESSON 10: Tune your 2-Beat Kick
The 2-Beat Kick helps you swim long distances at your best pace, without fatigue. It requires virtually no energy but adds whole-body power to your stroke. Lesson 10 calms, streamlines and coordinates your kick for maximum effect.

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