Different Strokes Discounted Bundle (HD DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT)

Different Strokes Discounted Bundle (HD DOWNLOADABLE PRODUCT)

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Have you transformed your freestyle, and gained enormous satisfaction, with the help of Total Immersion learning methods? If so, you can now replicate that experience in the other strokes and develop yourself into a complete and well-rounded swimmer, with our latest Self-Coaching Courses for Butterfly, Backstroke, and Breaststroke.

My Late-in-Life Breakthrough

I’ve been a distance swimmer for over 50 years, but my proudest accomplishment in a lifetime of competitive swimming came in 2011, at age 60, when I won medals in all strokes at the U.S. Masters National Championship. This would have been inconceivable to me 40 years earlier, in college, when I swam exclusively freestyle and recorded my fastest times.

My late-in-life breakthrough began in my early 50s when I got serious about mastering the ‘different’ strokes. I discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed the new challenges, goal-setting opportunities, and variety they offered. It never occurred to me that I might win national championship medals in them.  Ever since they’ve been a mainstay in my practice. I believe it’s no coincidence that I enjoyed my greatest success in distance freestyle and open water competition since becoming a more well-rounded swimmer.

But you don’t have to be a competitive swimmer, as I am, to gain significant benefits and satisfaction from swimming all strokes.

Four Reasons to Swim Four Strokes

  1. The enormous satisfaction of lifelong learning—mastering new and exacting skills

  2. A multidimensional and varied skills program offers more potential for growth and adaptation. Swimming is unique among movement sports in offering four distinct styles.

  3. High-quality fitness programs use more muscle groups. Swimming a medley of strokes—aquatic cross-training—helps minimize overuse injuries.

  4. Stroke variety refreshes me, both physically and mentally. I can set many more personal improvement goals and personal achievements occur with greater frequency.

How We Developed These Courses

Total Immersion has taught proprietary techniques for ‘different’ strokes for 20 years. In fact, TI has been the only producer of technique videos for adults to teach all strokes. We released our first 4-stroke videos in the late 1990s and two updated generations of different-strokes videos since. I’m excited about several major innovations in this latest generation from our previous all-stroke videos.

  • I’ve invested far more of myself in this generation—personally testing and refining all techniques and teaching methods for the past 15 years, spending hundreds of hours practicing them, and experiencing thrilling personal breakthroughs.

  • This is our first different-strokes release to take advantage of download technology in the form of a Self-Coaching Course, with fully-integrated short videos and workbooks. We began shooting video for these courses five years ago, but delayed releasing them until now (and shot updated video) in order to take advantage of this highly effective self-coaching format.

  • This is our first release to use our radically simplified approach to learning with just four learning steps for each drill and a revolutionary way of employing stroke drills.

Each Downloadable Self-Coaching Course includes:

1.    Four videos (totaling 24 minutes) for each stroke, illustrating the four learning steps and featuring:
     a.    Surface and underwater views from every perspective;
     b.    Slow-motion and stop-action to highlight critical moments; and
     c.    Dozens of succinct on-screen coaching tips.

2.    A 70-page densely-illustrated e-workbook for each stroke, providing deep guidance on:
     a.    The efficiency foundations for the stroke you’re studying;
     b.    How to succeed at each of the four learning steps for that stroke; and
     c.    Whole-stroke training tips

Beautiful photo illustrations show every key moment and position for each learning step and the whole stroke.

The complete package—Self Coaching Courses for Butterfly, Backstroke, and Breaststroke—includes

  • 12 videos totaling 70+ minutes of video

  • 4 Workbooks—one for each stroke, plus the Total Immersion Guide to Becoming a Complete Swimmer.

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