The most comprehensive courses ever produced for taking charge of your own improvement. More than a technique video: A learning system—the closest thing to personal instruction from a TI Coach.

Each Course includes:

1.     A set of videos. Videos illustrate a series of mini-skills (or skill set) in revelatory detail. They show every key movement from surface and underwater, in slow motion and stop action, with graphic highlights. They illustrate learning shortcuts and simple skill-building exercises.

2.     A set of workbooks. Each video is accompanied by a workbook which explains this step or mini-skill in depth; its relationship to preceding and following steps; and how it improves the whole stroke. It also provides detailed step-by-step direction for making the most progress, with the fewest missteps, in the least time.  

The videos show you how to become an expert swimmer.

The workbooks tell you how to become an expert learner

We currently offer two Self-Coaching Courses for freestyle. (Courses for the other strokes coming soon.)

1.0 Effortless Endurance (formerly Ultra-Efficient Freestyle) is ideal as an introduction for those new to Total Immersion, or new to swimming. For those already familiar with TI, this course is a significant update/upgrade to earlier TI instructional videos.

2.0 Freestyle Mastery is ideal for those who love learning and practicing the TI Way and are excited about attaining personal mastery in the most efficient and exacting skills available in freestyle. Freestyle Mastery has been designed as a follow-up to the Effortless Endurance Course.

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