Sneaky Speed: Swim Faster with Smarter Choices

Sneaky Speed: Swim Faster with Smarter Choices

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More Effort or Smarter Choices?

You can't get around it; the idea of swimming faster is undeniably sexy.

And triathletes-most of them new to swimming--are constantly confronted by blogs, articles, and exhortations expressing urgency about swimming faster. For many people the primary effect is to increase existing insecurity about swimming and how to train for it.

While you probably have little familiarity with swimming for speed or time, those urging you to swim faster seem to be in the know. And, often, your efforts to follow their advice don't seem very encouraging.

You try to swim faster, but it seems awfully hard work just to gain a few ticks on the clock. You wonder if you simply lack swimming talent or as one triathlete wrote me-- if you've hit a personal speed limit. Will this limit your potential in triathlon?

In fact, what you're experiencing is perfectly normal-practically universal in fact. Humans are terrestrial mammals. Swimming is an aquatic skill. Our land- adapted bodies (heavier than water, many moving parts) and innate discomfort in water mean we become energy-wasting machines when we enter the water-a tendency only made worse when someone urges "Work harder; swim faster!"

In this book, we'll show that the too-narrow question of swimming faster or slower, obscures a more fundamental question: Whether your swimming should focus on greater effort or smarter choices.

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