TI Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop:

Washington, DC - December 15, 2019


LOCATION: Waterside Fitness & Swim Club 901 6th St. SW, Washington, DC 20024

TUITION: $299.00/person. 



CONTACT: For more information contact Lloyd Henry @ (202) 271-1633 Info@OnPointFitness.com

ABOUT THE COACH: A great opportunity to work with seasoned TI Coach Lloyd Henry (click on Lloyd's name to see his bio) who is a 21 time Ironman Finisher including Kona-World Championship with international race experience in all triathlon distances. 

DESCRIPTION: Learn the Total Immersion stroke mechanics that have transformed thousands with our Effortless Endurance class. With "hands-on" help in the water, multiple video recordings and reviews, you'll be swimming better, easier, faster within minutes. 

Do you want to swim a mile or more and feel invigorated and not drained at the end?  

Do you want the swim to be the best leg of your triathlon? We have a record of helping triathletes significantly decrease their swim times!

​Do you want to swim comfortably and confidently in open water?
Our coaches are some of the most active Total Immersion Directors who have worked with athletes from complete beginner to professional triathlete.

This clinic is appropriate for any ability level with a reasonable comfort in the water.
This workshop includes expert instruction, individualized feedback and detailed video analysis. It is recommended for people who can swim at least 100m or more of crawl stroke who have studied TI skills previously with DVDs, books or had lessons from a TI Coach.      

Who will benefit from this workshop?
     • New swimmers who want to develop great habits (but can swim 100m front crawl unaided).
     • Swimmers who have struggled to improve.
     • Self-coached swimmers who would like expert assessment and advice.
     • Long-time swimmers who find themselves stuck on a plateau or who have lost motivation.
     • Open Water swimmers looking to make their stroke more efficient.

What will you learn:
• You will learn the principles of Total Immersion swimming including breathing, balance and streamlining.
• When swimming the best way to increase your endurance or speed is to reduce energy waste.
• During the workshop you'll develop the three foundation skills of effortless swimming:
           - BALANCE AND STABILITY - Become weightless and relaxed in the water.
           - STREAMLINING - Learn to push forwards through water by streamlining your body.
           - WHOLE BODY PROPULSION - Propel yourself forwards through the water using your core and channeling 
              energy forward 
using natural weight shifts.

SCHEDULE: Our schedule will be as follows (subject to minor revision):


10:00 am - 11:00 am - Classroom / Orientation
11:00 am - 12:30 pm - Pool session #1
12:30 pm - 02:30 pm - Classroom / Lunch / Video Analysis
02:30 pm - 04:00 pm - Pool Session #2
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm - Classroom / Video Review


For the classroom: Easy Freestyle Users Guide sent to you on registration. A pen/notebook or your favorite note taking device.

For the pool: An extra suit & towel if you want dry ones for the afternoon swim (we recommend), a swim cap (one will be provided), an extra pair of goggles – mirrored goggles are best, but tinted would be good, too. Flip flops or waterproof shoes. We recommend that male students wear a Speedo-type brief or close-fitting triathlon swim shorts, rather than loose-fitting swim trunks, which can make balance even more of a challenge. Something warm to wear after the swim. A water bottle and light lunch and/or snacks.


For cancellations at least 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop, a 50% refund can be provided or a transfer ($50.00 transfer fee) to a later workshop with OnPoint Fitness is available.  Cancellations within 8 days can be transferred to another person but not refunded. No refund will be issued for cancellations less 8 days prior to the scheduled workshop.