TI Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop:

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - May 25, 2019

LOCATION: St. Leonard’s Land Pool, The University of EdinburghHolyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ, UK. CLICK HERE for map.

TIME: 08:15 - 17:45

TUITION: 1 Day Workshop – £200.00

CONTACT: Jacquie Donoghue on 07779900368 or email info@jacquiedswimming.co.uk.



• Would you like to swim a mile or more and feel energised, not exhausted, when you finish?

• Would you like to swim more confidently in open water?

• Would you like to make swimming the best part of your triathlon? 

Our Effortless Endurance workshop will help you to achieve your goals. 

Who is this workshop for?

• Long-time swimmers who find themselves stuck on a plateau or who are losing motivation

• New swimmers (able to swim at least 50 metres) who want to develop great habits

• Self-coached swimmers who would like expert assessment and advice

• Triathletes looking to improve swim times and use less energy

• Open water swimmers looking to make their stroke more efficient 

What happens in an Effortless Endurance workshop?

• This workshop includes roughly 4 hours in the pool, and 3 hours in the classroom.

• The Swimmer to Coach ratio will be a maximum of 5:1, allowing individualised instruction and feedback throughout the day.

• Classroom sessions: explanation of the Total Immersion skills, land based demonstrations and practise with hands on correction, individualised video analysis from morning and afternoon pool sessions.
• Pool sessions: practice with hands on correction in the water, coach demonstrations. Video analysis taken above/below the water.
• You will be given access to a detailed video analysis with graphic annotation and commentary, so you can continue to learn at home.
• Tea, coffee and light snacks are provided.  Please bring your own packed lunch and soft drinks.

What will you learn? 
The three Total Immersion foundation skills of effortless swimming:

• BALANCE AND STABILITY - Become 'weightless' by learning to cooperate with gravity instead of fighting it.  Learning balance transforms struggle into smoothness and calms churning legs. It also brings the body control and the mental focus necessary to learn every skill that follows.

• STREAMLINING - Learn to move through water, rather than move it around; by shaping your body to be longer, better aligned. Become more hydrodynamic; learn to swim using techniques that minimise waves and turbulence.  Sleek and slippery swimming means that you travel further and more easily on each stroke.

• WHOLE BODY PROPULSION - Replace churning with effortless power by connecting arm and leg actions to rhythmic, relaxed weight-shifts initiated in the core.  Instead of generating muscular force you’ll direct available forces of body mass and gravity.  

What will you take away?
     • The tools to work on a transformed freestyle stroke.
     • The knowledge to begin a path of continuous improvement.
     AND you’ll enjoy swimming as never before.  The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll practice and the more you’ll improve! 

Emma Levy- Workshop Director: As a Total Immersion coach, I have learnt from Terry Laughlin, founder of Total Immersion, as well as Tracey Baumann and other Master Coaches from across the world. Total Immersion coaching gives me the opportunity to bring together:

     • My experience of swimming and overcoming injury
     • My knowledge of Total Immersion techniques and practice principles
     • My skills in supporting others to achieve their goals
     • My understanding and application of improvement science methods

By offering these to others, I aim to share with people of all ages and abilities my joy in being a swimmer, to guide and inspire people to pursue and achieve their swimming goals, with comfort, ease and grace. 

Jacquie Donoghue- Assistant Coach: After completely changing my swim technique to Total Immersion with Emma’s expert coaching, I was so amazed by the transformation to my stroke I trained to become a Level 1 Total Immersion coach in 2018 with Tracey Baumann. My background as a fitness instructor allows me to assess a person’s body movements and help them to practice more effective, safer and efficient movement patterns. I am particularly interested in how to achieve and maintain good posture throughout life and how to keep the body healthy, functional and active as we age. Total Immersion now gives me a water-based approach to help others achieve all this as well as sharing the joy of swimming effortlessly. 

LOCATION: St Leonard’s Land pool is part of Edinburgh University and is located on Holyrood Road near the Royal Mile. It is a 10 minute walk from Waverley Train Station and a 16 minute walk from Edinburgh Bus Station.

Accommodation can be found in numerous hotels on/near the Royal Mile/Princes Street including the Radisson Blu (Royal Mile), Jury’s Inn (Jeffrey Street) and Travelodge (St. Mary Street).