Open Water Experience

July 6-9. 2017: Penticton, British Columbia, CA

Tuition: $595

Registration: Click here to register. 

For More Info: Contact TI Master Coach Teresa Seibel at 250-682-2314 or info@tribalance.ca.

This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate swimmers seeking Total Immersion instruction in the open water. Our philosophy is Kaizen swimming; creating continuous improvement by setting your intention to improve one swim skill at each session.

This is a technique-focused camp, teaching you to swim in open water with greater ease and flow, which allows you to swim long distances utilizing thousands of effortless uninterrupted strokes. Our camp is perfect for triathletes seeking to exit the water fresh and ready for the bike.

The Total Immersion Effortless Endurance – Level 1 workshop and Smart Speed Workshop – Level 2 is integrated with an open water workshop to give you an intense 3 day program.


It is highly recommended that attendees be able to swim 400 yards/meters comfortably to obtain the greatest benefit from this open water experience and have some familiarity with the Total Immersion drill sequence using balance, streamline, and propulsion.


Penticton is located in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia and has been the host city of Ironman Canada for 30 years. With over 2100 hours of sunshine annually and average temperatures in the summer of 26°C to 34°C plan on great weather!

The camp will take place in the two fresh water lakes that border Penticton: Skaha and Okanagan. Skaha lake is the perfect setting for instruction and practicing drills with its shallow water and soft sandy bottom, while lake Okanagan features a kilometre of premium, sandy beach and has recently been voted #2 best beach in Canada by Trip Advisor.

The Okanagan Lake area is host to numerous swim and triathlon races:

Challenge Penticton             www.challenge-penticton.com
Across the Lake Swim          www.acrossthelakeswim.com
Rattlesnake Island Swim      www.rattlesnakeislandswim.com
Penticton Peach Triathlon     www.peachclassic.ca
Kelowna Apple Triathlon      www.appletriathlon.com


Subject to minor revisions
Note: transportation is provided to and from the lakes

Thursday, July 6: 
7:00pm-9:00pm – Sandman Hotel
Meet, greet, socialize, and review of the workshop schedule
Please bring pen and paper for notes

Friday, July 7: 
8:30am-11:00am – Skaha Lake – meet in the lobby at 8:30am
Total Immersion drills and skills
Basics of good balance and streamlining in open water
Video on swim skills
11:00am-1:00pm – Break back at hotel
1:00pm-2:00pm – Sandman Hotel Meeting room for discussion on morning drills
2:00pm-5:00pm – Skaha Lake – meet in lobby at 2:00pm
Review and practice, breathing in the open water
Optional group swim (dependent on abilities of group)
Second video
5:00pm-6:00pm – Video review at Sandman meeting room
7:30pm – Optional dinner at the Pasta Factory or Salty’s

Saturday, July 8:
8:30am-11:00am – Skaha Lake – meet in lobby at 8:30am
We’ll split into groups and review and practice
Sighting for open water navigation
Synchronized swimming practice and mass swim starts
11:00am-1:00pm Break
1:00pm-2:00pm – Sandman Hotel Meeting room for discussion on morning practice
Swim Speed Math – introduction of tempo trainer
2:00pm-5:00pm – Okanagan Lake
Review and practice of open water sighting, two beat kick
Introduction of Tempo Trainer
Final Videotaping
5:00pm-6:00pm Video Review at Sandman meeting room
Brief talk on Effortless Endurance and saving heart beats for the bike and run
7:30pm – Optional dinner at Liquidity winery

Sunday, July 9:
8:30am-11:00am – Okanagan Lake
Review, practice, and prepare for last video
Group open water swim, distance dependent on group ability
11:30am – 1:30pm – Sandman Hotel Meeting room for final video review and wrap up