TI Coach Certification & License

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepared for Certification and License Agreements to take effect January 1st, 2016.


General information on the license and certification

How will my fees be charged?

Every coach must keep a credit card on file. Both license and certification fees will be charged the first week of each month through an automatic payment system. Alternative payment schedules cannot be accommodated.

How much is the certification fee?

$150 USD per quarter.

How much is the license fee?

$200 USD per quarter. The license is optional and comes with additional benefits explained below. Coaches are eligible to hold a license if they maintain the TI certification.

Once I take the CCC, when can I sign the Certification or License Agreement.

Upon successful completion of the 1.0 CCC you are eligible to complete  the license and/or certification agreement. You’ll have up to one year from completion of the CCC to sign the license and/or certification agreement.

If I am operating a Non Profit (501c) does my fee get waived?

No. All coaches pay the same fee regardless of business status.

Might TI certify other coaches in my town?

Yes. TI does not limit the number of coaches who can become licensed and certified in a particular area. All certifications are non exclusive.

Is Total Immersion a franchise?

No. TI offers a certification and a license to coaches who wish to operate their own swim instruction business.

Do I need insurance?

In order to be protected from accidents and other mishaps, all coaches should have a medical and liability policy. Coaches should also be aware of any local laws or requirements for insurance and any requirements from the facilities they work at. In the United States, Risk Management Inc. provides policies for TI Certified Coaches who teach in pools. Contact Debbie Williams at dwilliams@theriskpeople.com or 800-777-4930 ext 13  to learn more about the policy. For coaches who conduct lessons or events in open water, within the US, we recommend WOWSA Insurance or FITCO. Coaches are responsible to review all policies carefully to be sure it fits their needs.

What happens if I decide not to maintain my license?

As outlined in the licensing agreement, if you decide not to maintain your license, permission to use the TI logo and marks will be withdrawn along with all the other licensing benefits.

What happens if I decide not to maintain my certification?

In order to maintain certification--your formal recognition as a TI Coach--you must stay current on both continuing education requirements and certification fees. Any coach whose certification expires for failure automatically forfeits eligibility to hold a TI license and will lose all benefits outlined in the Certification Agreement.

How do I cancel my license and/or certification?

You may cancel your license and/or certification, discontinue your formal relationship with TI and cancel fees, by giving written notice at least 10 days prior to the next billing cycle.

What happens if my certification lapses?

Failure to meet Continuing Education requirements, as well as lapses in quarterly Certification payments exceeding 1 month, will result in Coach Certification being revoked.  

In order to be Re-Certified, Coach will be required to pay a re-activation fee of $100.  Coaches whose Certification lapses more than 2 years will be required to re-take a Coach Certification Course (commensurate to the level at which they left off).

What if I have a hardship and can’t pay fees? Can I delay or cancel my payment for a quarter while I recover?

We understand hardships occur and paying for a license/certification can be difficult if you’re unable to earn income during that time. You may request a hardship exemption by emailing Angela Dorris (angela.dorris@gmail.com). The request must be received before the next billing cycle and would stop payment of quarterly fees. Granting hardship status is at the discretion of TI.  

Can I send coaches that work under me to a Coach Certification Course?

Yes. You are welcome to recommend your employees or coaches to a CCC for additional training. They would hold the same certification and/or license agreement with TI and be subject to the same fees. Any agreement you have on how they operate for your business is between you and the coach.

How does TI market coaches and workshops?

The TI website that receives 40,000 to 50,000 unique hits per month. An improved and enhanced site was launched 2nd quarter of 2015.

Email marketing is sent weekly to a steadily-growing list of 90,000 contacts.

TI also participates in marketing opportunities with affiliates such as Active, GearUp, and Chi Running.

After I earn the 1.0 Certification, is there an additional level I can achieve?

Yes. Coaches may attend additional training to attain level 2.0, level 3.0, and (by invitation only) Master Coach. Each level unlocks more skills for you to deliver to your students. Follow these links to view the training pathways and course content for each level.

Please explain Level 2 and 3 Coach Training on the Training Pathways document?

If you complete the 1.0 training you are a Level 1 Coach. If you complete either the Expert Skills Coach Training or Fast Forward Coach Training, you are a Level 2 Coach. If you complete both the Expert Skills Training and the Fast Forward Coach Training you are a Level 3 Coach.

Continuing Education

What are the requirements for continuing education?

To stay up to date on the requirements for the TI Certification you must do two things.

  1. Attain the proper number of credits as described in the continuing education guide (we’ll share this with all coaches by 12/15/15).

  2. Document your TI credits through the Academy.

Requirements must be fulfilled every two years. The due date for all coaches to complete continuing education to maintain their certification is January 1st, 2018. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how to earn and log your credits soon.

What are badges?

Badges are specialty qualifications Licensed and Certified Coaches can choose to earn, for an additional tuition. These can be completed either through the Academy or a combination of online and live learning. Earning a badge expands your coaching expertise and contributes to your continuing education requirements. Badge courses will focus on a variety of topics, for example different strokes, open water, aquaphobia, and teaching children. This is an incomplete list we look forward to building over time.

When can I earn a badge?

Badge courses will be added to the Academy during 2016.

How will swimmers know if I earn a specialty badge?

The badge icon will be displayed next to your name in the Coach Directory at www.totalimmersion.net. When swimmers browse the list of coaches, they will be able to see what badges they have earned. (This is for Licensees only)

Permission of the License and Certification

If I am a certified coach, can I certify other people to be TI Coaches?

No. TI Inc. is the certifying body. Any person who wishes to become certified must attend a course organized by TI.

Is there a certain ratio I must follow when offering semi private lessons?

The 1.0 CCC gives permission for coaches to work with up to 4 students at a time.

What is included in the TI Certification?

The following is included with the TI Certification: Access to the international community of TI swim coaches via the Coach Facebook page, private forum, monthly coach newsletter from TI Central, access to continuing education materials through the Academy, opportunity to attend TI Coach only events such as the Global Coach Summit, permission to identify yourself as a Certified Total Immersion Coach, participation in the affiliate sales and event referral program.

Can a Certified coach use the TI logo?

Certified coaches have the right to use ‘Total Immersion Certified Coach’  title and logo on business cards, resume, bio, and Total Immersion-provided flyers for the purposes of advertising his/her services.  We’ll give you access to these promotional items in the Academy.

What is included in the TI License?

Coaches who maintain the TI license may use the TI Coach logo, the TI logo and marks, TI designed flyers, plus have permission to use TI branding in promotional material. Licensed coaches also receive a complete listing on the TI website (www.totalimmersion.net), opportunity to list approved events to the TI Event List (additional fee applies), participation in the affiliate sales and workshop referral program, and the option to receive virtual video coaching referrals which are paid opportunities. Referrals are distributed to interested licensed coaches and video analysis is conducted through a specially designed platform called Up My Game. TI pays the coach directly for their services. This program will be launched during 1st quarter 2016. All licensed coaches will have the opportunity to opt in.

Can a Licensed coach use the TI logo?

If you are a licensed coach, you may use the TI logo within the guidelines outlined in your License Agreement.  If you are not a licensed coach you only have permission to use the Certification Logo as outlined in the Certification Agreement.

As a Licensed Coach, can I be listed in more than one state or country?

Coaches may choose to be listed in multiple countries or states at the rate of $120 (paid annually) per additional listing. Alternatively, if a coach would like to change their listing location (for example, if a Coach splits their time between two different states or countries), they may do so without an additional fee. 

Are there guidelines for naming my business?

Coaches who maintain only the Certification may not use TI or any of its trademarks in their business name or website url.

Licensed coaches may use ‘Total Immersion’ or ‘TI’ in their business name or URL as long as it does not refer to a geographic region or claim to be Total Immersion (there must be distinction that you are a TI Coach rather than TI Central). Any use of Total Immersion within a business name or URL must be approved by TI. Acceptable use is adding TI to your local business identity, such as ‘Total Immersion-Aqua Solutions’. An unapproved name would be ‘Total Immersion of New York City’.

Where am I allowed to teach?

Certified coaches have permission to offer TI anywhere in the world excluding Israel, Japan, and Singapore.  (We do encourage Coach Courtesy when going into an area where a Coach is already established)

Can I travel to another location to offer a TI workshop?

If you’re qualified to offer workshops you are welcome to schedule them outside of the area where you live. We strongly urge that any coach who does this check to see if there is another Certified/Licensed coach in that area. If there is, we urge the visiting coach to extend a professional courtesy and contact the local coach to  1. Learn what TI programming is already being offered in that area; 2. Coordinate to avoid scheduling conflicts; and 3. Explore the possibility of working together. Visiting and working with other coaches can be an enlightening and inspiring experience (and, in some cases, help earn continuing education credits).

Can I train non-certified or unlicensed coaches to work under me?

Yes. TI does not limit people you staff at your own business, they just can’t be identified as TI coaches if they do not hold the license or certification nor be staffed at official TI workshops.

If I hold a TI Certification can I also get certified from other organizations?

Our thinking on coaching certifications is that, when it comes to swimming, we expect our coaches to be 'all-in' with TI.

That is, to recognize that TI methodology is superior to any other in helping swimmers attain any goal.

In the past, some coaches have viewed TI as just another certification to add to a list of others. But TI is a distinctive, holistic, and complete way of thinking that touches upon every aspect of a swimmer's experience. It is not simply a set of drills or technique points.

Consequently we require TI Coaches to seek approval from TI Central before pursuing certifications from other organizations that may teach swim methods that are conflicting, contradictory, or not compatible with Total Immersion methodology.

An example of an organization whose certification we have approved is Miracle Swimming. They focus on phobic swimmers and TI methods can easily be blended with theirs, providing a seamless transition for a phobic student.

Swim Smooth is an organization whose approach has deep conflicts with our philosophy and methodology. Thus we would not approve of a dual certification.

Non-swimming certifications (such as Ironman or USAT) generally should not pose a problem. One non-swimming certification--ChiRunning--is so compatible and complementary we strongly support TI coaches who wish to offer run coaching, to obtain their certification.


Can I post a workshop to the TI Event List?

Licensed coaches may choose to post standardized events to the TI Event List. We will provide details on standardized events, who is qualified to teach them, and how to earn qualifications to offer them. To submit an event, email the details to Angela at angela.dorris@gmail.com. Events are posted within 4 business days of being submitted. The fee to list is $100 USD per event day. Listing fee is due when workshops are posted to the website and can be paid by credit card online or by calling the TI office.

Can I set my own fees for workshops and lessons?


Affiliate Sales Program

What is the affiliate sales program?

All certified and licensed coaches can participate in the affiliate sales program where they earn 15% of product sales made with their unique coupon code. Each coach has a unique coupon code they can give out to students and teams. The coupon code can be used to get a 10% discount on products, gear, and accessories from the web store at www.totalimmersion.net. Click here to watch a short video on how you can use your coupon code and earn money with the affiliate sales program. Email Angela (angela.dorris@gmail.com)  to get your unique coupon code.

When do I get commission payment from the sales made with my coupon code?

TI will send checks out 2 weeks after the close of each quarter. Checks will only be issued if the amount of the commission is $50 USD or more. If your commission is less than $50, the check will either be issued when you meet that threshold or within 30 days of the end of the year.

Do I need to claim my commission from the Affiliate Sales Program on my taxes?

Coaches who live in the United States must fill out and return Form W-9. Coaches located outside of the US can omit this form.

Can I apply my commission to my quarterly certification or licensing fees?

Commissions are not transferable. TI will pay by check only and cannot apply commissions to any fees, merchandise, or events.

One of my clients forgot to use my coupon code when checking out. Can you apply the discount after the sale is complete?

Nope. Sorry! The coupon must be applied at the time of sale.

Event Referral Program

Can I earn a commission on workshop referrals?

Yes! The referral program offers 5% off tuition and a 5% commission to the coach. This applies to centrally organized workshops only that include one day workshops, weekend workshops, and open water camps.

Does my event referral code apply to Coach Trainings?

The code does not apply to CCCs, however you can still earn 5% commission from tuition from any person you refer to a 1.0 Coach Training. The participant simply lists you as the referring coach when filling out the online application.

How do I participate in the Event Referral Program

Participation is by request. Send an email to Angela (angela.dorris@gmail.com) to request your unique coupon code. Share your code along with qualifying events to urge people to participate and receive discounted tuition.

When do I receive the commission from referrals?

Event referrals are paid out at the close of each quarter, after the event has concluded. Commissions are paid by check and mailed.