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Old 03-29-2013
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Default Bikram Sex Scandal??

Did anyone else notice this as I was talking about Bikram Yoga??? He's being sued for Sexual Harassment.....

Is this coincidence or synchronicity?.....

I'm actually going to write more about Yoga, but on a blog I expect to write in the future.....The problem that I see is that Yoga is too interlinked with religion and that criticizing it is upsetting to some because it is..... at it's core...... a religious practice.

I think that certain practices should be questioned to understand it more fully and I think esoteric answers are a way to avoid concrete analysis....I have to question the whole notion of Hatha, which broken down, means sun/moon.....I think that at it's core the Salutation of the Sun was never designed as an exercise program.....I think it was designed to worship the Sun and the Moon as Deities.....I'm not arguing against this. I just think that when I buy something from the Grocery Store, the food should be labeled....whether I choose to read it or not.

I think analyzing and scrutinizing Yoga is something that should have been done long ago and it's very relevant today......For one thing, Bikram is pushing to include Yoga in the Olympics. If they took amateur Wrestling out, I wouldn't be surprised in the future that the Powers that Be decide Yoga is worthwhile as an Olympic Sport....The problem I have with that is....have you ever seen an extreme backbend where somebody's head is in between their crotch?? I bet this can potentially destroy some people's back.

The problem with the lack of definition is that things that should be clear are muddled in mystique.....I heard the Dalai Lama describe how to meditate and how people have a misconception on how to do it properly....He said that it is NOT to remove all thoughts and make your mind go blank.....He said it is to FOCUS your thoughts....For example, listening to your breathing.....That's pinpointing your thoughts on one single focus....It's not going into a vegetative or catatonic state.

If the method on how to properly meditate is lost, let along the goal or purpose of it, there's a big problem....I see the problem is that people either find questioning a religion taboo, or they pretend to understand something when they truly don't......actually, I shouldn't blame people one bit....I blame the Religious experts and leaders for shrouding their practices, philosophy, and beliefs in mystery and riddles.

Anyway, I'll blog about this stuff in the future...Any of you who really are inspired by the discussion are totally welcome to visit my blog...I'm not trying to bash religion. I'm trying to filter it from a Western Perspective and not fall into Mumbo Jumbo that I pretend to understand.....

I'd say it's like this.....
When they show school children ink blots on a paper and ask them what they see....One may see an airplane, another might see a house, and even one may see the Virgin Mary....Each one of them is told they are right because there is no wrong answer.....But the kid who comes in and says that they only see Ink Blots on a Paper....that's the troublemaker.....yet it is that one who is on the path to "enlightenment".....It's because they understand that to see an airplane, a house, or the Virgin Mary on an ink blot is merely an illusion....To see ink blots on a paper is the reality and to dig deeper is to get the ultimate reality.....the ultimate reality is the components of the paper and the ink. How it was made and manufactured and all the atomic and subatomic particles there....However, the illusion of seeing a plane in an ink dot is still beautiful, but it is still doesn't make it a plane.....I believe that Einstein would say great progress comes from questioning ideas and facts that are automatically assumed to be true when the ultimate reality might possibly be different......If you don't believe Einstein, then maybe you might believe my Guru....Terry McLaughlin....when he quotes Mark Twain who says “It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
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