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Old 10-28-2010
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Default Awesome

Nice work, Dave!
I find that in cold water, my stroke feels more precise in streamline. I know some of this can be attributed to numbness and stiffening in the cold, but I love how I can push the rhythm faster without losing my stroke or getting fatigued as quickly.
Dave Cameron
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Head Coach- Minneapolis YWCA Otters and Masters and MN Tri Masters
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Old 10-28-2010
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Originally Posted by terry View Post
Dobarton and Quad

For most people I would suggest training yourself to focus on Stroke Thoughts. This is one of two reasons to practice Targeted-Mindful Swimming in the pool. Training the mind to hold one thought -- and block out others -- is just as challenging as training your muscles to move THIS way and not THAT way. And both involve creating new neural circuits, which is good for optimizing the adult brain. The other reason to practice Mindful Swimming is, of course, to improve your stroke fluency and efficiency. And that will allow you to swim farther in open water without fatigue.

Great post Terry, which brings attention to the psychological side of swimming, something that's too often overlooked.

Personally I've always preferred colder water. I've happily swam in lakes in Norway (in the summer of course) and my biggest complain with pool practice, chlorine aside, is the temperature.
Especially now that pools accomodate things like 'Aqua Gym' or what else, the temperature is higher than necessary.
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