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Old 08-19-2017
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Default Cannot get rid of fins

Hello All

I've learning to swim for 2years now. Recently, I've started employing the TI technique.
My problem is that I cannot kick if my fins are removed.
How can I start working away my dependence on fins?

many thanks

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Old 08-19-2017
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When I first learned to swim (self-taught), wearing swim fins gave me confidence. I also thought that I couldn’t effectively kick without swim fins. For two years, I only swam with fins before I decided to wean myself off it. I didn’t go “cold-turkey.” My normal routine is to swim for 45-60 minutes. The first 10-15 minutes, I’d swim with fins. Then I’d take them off and swim for 10-15 minutes without the fins. I alternated this fins on / fins off for the entire 45-60 minutes. As I got more comfortable swimming without fins, I found myself wearing swim fins less and less. I was surprised at how quickly it happened. It’s gotten to the point that it now feels awkward swimming with fins.
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Old 08-20-2017
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Thank you for the advise. I will start employing this method.
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Old 08-29-2017
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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If you have access to water that is over your head, another thing you might try is vertical kicking: Fold your arms across your chest and keep your head above water by kicking. Focus on kicking from your hips and ankles - not from your knees. You can transition from this to horizontal kicking by doing vertical kicking and then letting yourself "fall" onto your back while still kicking.

If you spend a little time at every practice doing this, your kick should improve over time.

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Old 09-13-2017
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Default Hello

Hello guys!
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