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Old 03-19-2014
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Today's session had me test run a main set of 550s, a sort of base line marker for a mile improvement project. I'll still continue to progress with shorter distance repeats mixed with some higher intensity ones and longer ones as today utilizing the TT when I feel it can help set my tempo for sustainable efforts.
Today main was cycle through my stroke count ranges as lower range, medium range and higher range (for some Masters swimmers that would maybe translate to easy, medium and strong, except in this case with a more precise focus and outcome).
My ranges: 13-15spl, 14-16spl, 15-17spl (ocassionally 18spl)*would like to work further here.
Main set
3 x 550s (1650y)
1. lower stroke range 9:00
2. medium stroke range 8:22
3. higher stroke range 7:54
I kept the effort here 'modest' as my intent was to not only acclimate to cycling through my stroke ranges but also scan through my overall feeling within each repeat to assess anything I could improve on immediately or focus on in my next go.
This was a good point for me to begin and will look to improve upon as I go.
I found this very sustainable for the effort.
An analysis in time:
the first repeat had me at a 50/100y pace of approx. :49/1:38
the second repeat had me at a 50/100y pace of approx. :46/1:32
the third repeat had me at a 50/100y pace of approx. :43/1:26
In each repeat I focused on ease with a light point of pressure at catch and a consistent "flick" of a kick; plenty of room for 'effort'.
Next I'll look to begin the pacing @ the :46/1:32 (50/100) pace then to the :44/1:28 pace and then :42/1:24 pace for each 550 repeat. If I'm successful I'll lower the mark accordingly. I'll also need to figure out the stroke count combos/range for each successive attempt.
Incidentally the total time for this go @ 1650 equals 25:16.
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Old 04-22-2014
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Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 575

After a two week 'hiatus' I'm back in the pool (longing for OW) and was interested to see how well I'd pick up where I left off.

Initially I was to do a longer swim seeking a fluid grace to my stroke to get back into a groove and rhythm.

*I did utilize Terry's recent breathing exercise, initially as he laid it out in his blog, then also exhaling under water as I gently bobbed in the pool. I transitioned from inhaling through the nose (surface) exhaling through the mouth (under water) to inhaling through the mouth (surface) exhaling through the nose (under water).

I pulled, and modified a bit, some bits from Terry's 'log' to form a "welcome back" practice session.
The repeat distances would be modest but with a high focus.

Monday April 21 YMCA 25 yard pool 3500 yard

2x300 as FR then 25FR/25BK
Swam at my low stroke count feeling the timing of my movements, quiet, released head, long lines and deliberate turns/push offs.

3(3x50+200) FR
On the 50s I began with cycling through my spl ranges from low count to higher and on the last set of 50s reversed and started with my higher count spl and reduced count to the last. My hope was to feel pulled towards speed, maintaining pace while reducing strokes.
I wanted to also carry that over to my last 200 so I didn't feel like I needed to add strokes to descend my time; quicken my pace.

I was successful in descending the 200s taking no more strokes on the last repeat than on the first. My times 3:05/ 3:02/ 2:59. This was a nice steady increase in pace with a completely sustainable stroke count and effort.

7(5x50) FR
On these 50s I wanted to cycle through my spl range and within each 5x maintain pace, hopefully becoming 'easier' before I would move on to the next set of 5xs and look to increase pace steadily.
Here's how I did
#Avg. SPL - Time
1. 13 - :42s
2. 14 - :40s
3. 14/15 - :40s
4. 15/16 - :39s
5. 16 - :38s
6. 16/17 - :37s
7. 16/18 - :37s *
I was happy with my ability to 'measure' and hold my spl and pace as I progressed. On the last set of repeats I was hoping for at least 1 or 2 repeats @ :36 but it was obvious that just by adding strokes it wasn't going to happen, so after two repeats on #7 I did the next two repeats at a 'recovery' pace and stroke count. My thinking was to hopefully regain some length and feel in my stroke and able to get that :36 with no effort at all. Well not this time but it did enable a pretty easy :37 to wrap up this exercise in control.
Cooled down with 100 yards the way I began the practice session; grace, released head, long lines and stroke.

Nice to be back at it!

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