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Old 07-07-2011
gladtobedifferent gladtobedifferent is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
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Default Thanks

Ok thanks for that. Will give it a go

From my research today this is the summary of what I will try

Breathing on the right – without lifting my head
- Try chin pointing to arm pit
- Try a faster recovery with the recovery arm – shorter stroke
- Go faster – higher stroke rate
- don't follow your shoulder out immediately when you stroke (lift your shoulder first)
- press cheek to shoulder that is about to pull back – helps to get breathe earlier
- rolling body to air and not lifting head
- keep a wide tracks with the arms
- chin to shoulder
- rotate using body and then let head rotate a bit further

Dont know if that helps anyone else - keen to know what works.
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Old 07-08-2011
kevemoh kevemoh is offline
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Default One at a time

Plenty to try there gladtobedifferent.

One thing I will say is . . don’t try them all at once or you’ll tie yourself in a knot!!! I don’t know about anybody else but if I try to have more than one swim thought at a time I end up focussing on none of them properly.

My suggestion would be to pick one at a time and really concentrate on it, say 10 mins worth of swimming. Measure which one makes the biggest difference.

Another observation which you are already aware off is your stroke rate. 40 secs for a length of 20 strokes is 2 secs/stroke (maths genius me!). Ramping this up to around 1.5 (still considered leisurely by some) would definitely help, less time between breaths for a start and likely more forward momentum - helping with balance and generating that elusive trough.

At the risk of stating the blatently obvious, it’s all about improving your ability in the elements which contribute to effortless breathing.
I watched Terry’s O2 in H2O again recently and it really is an excellent step by step approach to achieving this. I've found going back to watch videos again really worthwhile. I picked up on several things I had missed before. One of which was allowing the shoulder to rotate more before head follows to air. This allowed me to get my mojo back in the pool last night finishing with 10 effortless laps and I headed for the showers on a rare high.

Therefore, as you so succinctly put it in a previous post – Yippee !!
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Old 07-13-2011
gladtobedifferent gladtobedifferent is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 41
Default Not sure if any progress

Have tried a couple of things, but nothing is working. However, my coach has recommended doing the one arm drill, firstly doing 3 before switching, then 2 then 1 = to help keep the arm straight and not dropping.

I am only breathing on one side at the moment as my focus at the moment is being comfortable doing 400m. I am doing that every time I go to the pool in one go. But conscious I need to get back to doing drills.

I am not lifting my head on my left side (only side I am breathing to at the moment), and relaxing it into the water. I noticed tonight that I started to breathe faster and more rushed and stopped and tried to relax this - will start with this next time.

I am doing my first open water swim tomorrow - not sure other than getting over the shock and trying not to be terrified - that i will worry about much else !!

wish me luck.

Like the tip of rolling the shoulder more before breathing
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