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Old 11-19-2010
CoachMark CoachMark is offline
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Default A Coach Who Keeps His Cool

I had the opportunity to observe a Weekend Workshop this past weekend in Jacksonville, Fl.. run by the Maestro, Gary Fahey. Although I have put on my own workshops, it was a great opportunity to watch and learn how a 'seasoned veteran' orchestrates the show. Here are a few of the most helpful things I observed:
- Calm & Cool under Pressure; On Day 1 in the a.m., when told "the pool is closing now due to high chlorine levels, maybe you can come back tomorrow"... Gary calmly finished his first videos then got on the phone to a local YMCA to find a substitute pool. As we listened to Gary politely assert that we really needed a pool, it was obvious he was remaining cool & in control. When the YMCA said 'no' (for about the 5th time), a student who was local to Jacksonville offered a club pool where he was a member, and that's where we spent the rest of the day after lunch! No Problemo...
On Day 2, when told there was a birthday party in our classroom at 1pm, Gary converted a pool-side corner into a class for the last video review, and another possible dilemma was avoided.
-Excellent video, pix, and presentation of images; During all video sessions, including the initial one where we watched Cullen Jones, Ian Thorpe, Shinji, Phelps, etc., Gary smoothly manuevered the pictures around so that the class could see their initial swimming positions right next to some of the 'greats'. His ability to manuever the computer/videos was seamless and quite effective.
-Pool Time Organizing Strategy; The final topic of the day, which Gary left the class with, was how they should utilize their training sessions for maximum efficiency. I had never seen this included in a workshop, but what a valuable thing to give students to take home along w/ their videos on flashdrive of course. I also made mental notes about how to organize a strategy for TI workshop time and to prepare alternative pools in case of such emergencies!
Finally, Gary related 2 major points which the class was particularly responsive to: 1) How one of TI's greatest benefits was that it approached stroke technique in a sytematical and step-by-step approach, vs. a coach simply picking out different things with someone's stroke and haphazardly working on those things with no point of reference. 2)Gary did a great job of explaining WHY we were doing the various drills, and how they fit into the 'big picture'. Great job Gary!
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Old 11-19-2010
splashingpat splashingpat is offline
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Default keeping your coo;l be calm and look for another solution!
Nice! thanks for the tip!
How could one every forget it?

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