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Old 01-05-2012
Janos Janos is offline
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Default round and round

This thread is similar to countless others on tri forums in the UK. SS to me is the 'convenience store' of swim schools. Attractive to those looking for a quick aquatic fix to their swimming. Other 'stores' are politely dismissed as being too drill based and for taking too long to progress. The SS answer to increased swim speed is to...stroke faster. Doh!

Anybody can stroke faster. It is the quality of that fast stroke that is the most important issue. Something that can only be addressed through drills and progressive thought. If that takes longer, then so what?. Using the SS style my progress would be limited by the capacity of my shoulders to maintain a fast stroke rate, as opposed to working on balance and streamline, and gaining more for less effort.

Loping to me is the swimming equivalent of walking with a limp. It is just not bio-mechanically sound. If loping swimmers are fast, it is in spite of this technique, not because of it. How much faster could they go with more subtlety?

The TI ideology is sound, and has nothing to fear from other schools of thought. Hip driven freestyle is ideal for triathlon, middle and long distance swimming. It is the antidote to the old school orthodoxy of 'putting in the work' as advocated by other swim schools. There is a video analysis of Ian Thorpe swimming on youtube, where the narrator says he is 'generally acknowledged as having the most efficient stroke of all time'. The TI template can make this style of swimming available to anyone. Alternatively, you can take the quick fix. :-)

Old 01-05-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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Terry I think you have most peoples blessing to close this thread now as its going around in circles and hanging around way too long.
Old 01-05-2012
sterlingtimes sterlingtimes is offline
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The big problem for me is the method of remote instruction.

I cannot learn from videos of other people swimming.

I do better with textual explanations built from first principles, the use of white boards and out of pool explanations of movements and the reasons for them.

I have done well with Terry's books, but I find the "watch the expert do it" videos very difficult.
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