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Old 11-02-2011
haschu33 haschu33 is offline
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Good, swimust, I thought we are talking about the same thing.

I call engaging the forearm 'put the focus on the wrist' for two reasons:

- the 'natural' choice is to put the focus on hand/palm/fingers and I want to get it away from there

- it is exactly what I am doing: I put my focus on the wrist during the spearing movement - that ensures that my wrist is higher than my hand than my fingers, and I put my focus on the wrist during the pull phase - that ensures that the hand relaxely follows the wrist and the forearm.

Also I got this idea originally from a post on this forum here that referenced that exact video from KPN ( I didn't buy a Vasa trainer (or any other brand) yet ;.) ) and found it very helpful in my swimming.

So, different words, same focus.

Hang on in there...
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Old 11-02-2011
swimmermike swimmermike is offline
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Default wrist versus forearm as a FP

What do the coaches think of this distinction, i.e.

As a focal point during full stroke, thinking of the forearm or the wrist during pull?

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Old 11-02-2011
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Originally Posted by swimmermike View Post
What do the coaches think of this distinction, i.e.

As a focal point during full stroke, thinking of the forearm or the wrist during pull?

Most of us would say to de-emphasize it as a focus...because it reverts the entire stroke to focusing on a power phase of the stroke. Think of anchoring in place and moving past with body rotation, rather than an specific focus of pulling.

the "pull" is nothing without body rotation, and few of these discussiones regarding pull, high elbow, veritical forearm, etc. maintain the importance of full body involvement. The pull is not an individual component of the stroke, it's a 3 dimensional movement that occurs because of body rotation...not as a freestanding element.

Anchor the wrist/forearm/palm/elbow? I don't know. Every one is different. I think of lifting the elbow and letting the forearm drop as I rotate my body using the kick connected through the core. Occasionally I think about the small surface area of my wrist as it forces me to unbend my wrist, creating more surface area.

But again, the danger is that you can focus on any of these areas, still feel pressure there, but just be pushing water around rather than moving your body forward.

Anchor, then rotate is always my mantra. Or anchor during rotation.
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
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Old 11-02-2011
swimust swimust is offline
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In reply to your last post I must do my duty and say that I HOLD water with the "under elbow" (forearm). I never meant to "forcing the forearm" and use of active force. I only meant to say that I hold water with the under elbow (forearm). I do not hold water with the wrist. Thats a fail and I cant swim then. Speaking from personal experience of months of using the wrist. Thats very wrong and makes the swim impossible. Ask my deltoids which were activated because of the wrist holding water. My deltoids tried any position and failed in all of them. wrists out, forearms in :)

Yesterday and 6 days ago when I felt good in the swim I was using the forearm. In the 3 days in between I used the wrist without being aware of that! This happened because I wasnt relaxed and I used muscle memory in those days. My forearm awareness was not good enough. Now its burnt into my head so I cant regress back to "wrist swimming".
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