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Old 08-31-2011
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Default Glad and sa_d_tisfied...

Well, my favorite thread becomes scattered..

I withheld a week long, because I was very uncertain whether the success is sustained. But now I "freestyled" all days a week 1000m-1500m without a break. And I hope it's not a mayfly. It IS great!

But I cannot tell anyone what really happened. Suddenly in my 50m BS 50m FS intervals it was not necessary to switch back to BS. First time I was just happy and did only enjoy that feeling.

It was exactly the day after the O2toH2O-DVD arrived, but I had only a very short look into. It may help to have at home... And some things remain incomprehensible:

- The 1000m could only be done in fairly slow pace (23:30min). My BS ist 22min... (I'm not angry about.)
- My stroke to swim 1000m or more is not that one I'd call my best.
- For 1000m I'm only able to inhale on the right side
- Often my left spearhand is not so precise as it should
- My head has to turn to canthus on waterline. (Left eye under water means no inhale... )
- My lefthand stroke is often not an exact straight line.
- My left leadhand is often not a patient one.
- My proudly 34 strokes per 50m has to get down to 43-46 per 50m
- Most small changes in the above are running me winded and must be shut back for the 1000m...

I'm afraid imprinting bad habits, but will never miss the 1000s...

Is it typical to be in bad mood with its own swim before such a breakthrough happens?

Is TI like all arts: The greatest difficulty is making it looking fine and effortlessly?

Anyway there's a lot of work to do, now again with absolutely great pleasure.

Thank you all, especially Terry for giving TI as a gift and last but not least Rob for this thread.

PS: Haschu33 I'd like to get a critical look on my strokes. You're in HH too...

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