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Old 01-24-2011
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Default Today I took a Math Test - err Went to a Masters Meet

Swimming in a Masters meet provided a "brutally honest" measure of my current speed. And because Speed is a product of the math of Stroke Length and Stroke Rate, I now know precisely the formula for reaching my still-distant goals.

Read more.
Terry Laughlin
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My TI Story
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Old 02-20-2011
CoachRosita CoachRosita is offline
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Default Master's Meet

Speaking of master's meets as a test. Anyone with thoughts on the information below.

After considering your blogs (Terry's) per leaving your comfort zone, I decided to leave mine. Four years ago, pre TI, I swam in my first meet and only meet until yesterday. It was a fiasco. I had no idea per procedure and thus missed my heat. I begged to be able to swim the 200 yard freestyle and was told I needed to wait and see if there was an open lane. There was but it was in the men’s heat and the other swimmers were all younger and men. I took the opportunity especially after having driven 2.5 hours one way to swim. I had no strategy except to swim hard. I was burned out on the first 100 yards and struggled through the last half wondering the whole time can I finish and when will this agony be over. My time was 3:43.04. I told myself never again will I drive 5 hours round trip for one day of sprint swimming. I made myself a liar yesterday. About 1.5 weeks before the meet my master’s coach and others convinced me to swim in the same meet as four years ago. I swam three events, the first being 50 yard free (40.23 seconds). My mistake was breaking initial streamline for a breath (I ultimately willed myself not to take the breath but the damage of the head turn was done). Plus in general I probably breath too much.

The next event for me was the 200 yard freestyle and this is where I have a question. I consistently made an error in the 200 yesterday but do not feel too bad about it since it was due to a “different pool” and the inability to really warm-up in that pool with enough calm to have my brain process the difference. The T of the pool was closer to the wall then the one I swim in thus since I do not look at the wall but judge my flip turn by the T, I was always on top of the wall for my flip turns. The coach said, I did it each and every time. He told me the T was closer to the wall then our pool (did not know this until after the event). That mistake considered, I was still delighted with my time of 3:10.98. I had seeded myself at 3:13 based on doing four 50 yard splits with 10 seconds rest in between and subtracting the rest time. The first such split was off the blocks. Over the course of two practices I did this in (3:13, 3.11, 3:11, 3:15, 3:07, and 3:08). I believe I would have been closer to the 3:07 if I had not taken the extra stroke that got me too close to the wall. I digress. My question has to do with your thoughts (TI swimmers) on my splits and more importantly my stroke count. My coach counted my strokes and was actually the one who first said to me, “I wonder what Terry would think of this“.
In practice, my very good 200 free would probably be done in 3:30 with 160 strokes (5 foot, 1.5 inch swimmer). During the meet my splits and stroke counts are listed below. My question is pretty broad. What are your thoughts per these results? How should I train for the 200 yard freestyle and long distance? As you know, I prefer 1 mile to 2 plus miles.

50 yards 45.35 seconds 45.35 second split 20 strokes followed by 22 strokes.
100 yards 1:33.40 48.05 second split 22 strokes followed by 23 strokes
150 yards 2:22.79 49.39 seconds split 23 strokes followed by 24 strokes
200 yards 3:10.98 48.19 seconds split 26 strokes followed by 26 strokes

Total stroke count 186. “Bought 19 seconds with 26 strokes but it was a short race and I had the extra strokes in me.

Interested to hear your comments!
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