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Old 01-13-2013
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Default Yoga Methods...Tsk Tsk Mister Terry Laughlin!

Okay . . . the thread title is meant to be facetious, but though I am half joking with it, I am also addressing what I believe to be a legitimate query.

I was reading Terry's New Year's Resolution as it pertained to doing Yoga on a regular basis. I am also doing something similar. I am marking my calendar in an attempt to do Yoga on a regular basis.
What has been a bother to me is that I believe that I am pursuing Yoga in the same way that I pursued swimming for many years. In a robotic, mindless fashion with very vague goals. I believe that perhaps Terry might be doing the same thing with Yoga as well. I say this because I bet Terry never once had to mark his Calendar with an S to remind himself to do swimming on a regular basis, but yet needs to do so with Yoga.

What I wish for is a more thoughtful, TI approach to Yoga and there isn't. There are various opinions on the value and purpose of Yoga, as well as the best methods. Some people believe in doing Yoga 2 hours a day, some believe in 10 minutes a day. Some people believe in holding a pose for 20 seconds, some believe in 2 minutes or longer. Also . . . some people believe that flexibility is the main goal, some people believe that spiritual elevation is the main goal. The question should also be asked if there is such a thing as too much flexibility!

I am going to add various ideas to this thread over time as I focus on Yoga, but I would like to encourage others, as well as Terry, to contribute their thoughts.

This reminds me of the fact that Bill Boomer, who never had even seen a Swim Meet when he began Coaching, was the one to come up with so many revolutionary ideas as it pertained to swimming. Yoga is steeped in tradition, but maybe that's part of the problem. Perhaps an outsider is needed to examine it and look at it from a different position....Pun intended!

I want to finish for now by saying that even though this is a Swimming Forum, there is a strong associating between Swimming & Yoga. Both have a Fountain of Youth aspect to them and I believe that many of the swimmers on this Forum pursue it as a secondary activity.

I want to encourage Terry to think about his Yoga practice in a deeper way. If you're at the level now where you can touch your toes, what value will it be if at the end of the year you still can only reach to your toes? .....Perhaps the same as the Robotic Lap Swimmer who swims 20 minutes a day, feels good about it, but is no faster or efficient at year's end...In my opinion, the robotic lap swimmer does gain benefit, but they are limiting what they can get from swimming unless they had a more thoughtful approach...

Perhaps the same thing can be said with Yoga....Terry, I bet if you could see consistent Kaizan-type of improvement in your Yoga practice, then you wouldn't need to remind yourself to do it....You'd be motivated and excited enough by the consistent improvement where it would become natural to do everyday. I'm sure this thread is causing you to pause and wonder. If one of the great values of the TI approach is to be able to apply it to other aspects of life, then Yoga is the most obvious pursuit in which it is needed!
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