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Old 06-14-2011
caronis caronis is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2011
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Default Stroke Counting in Breast, Back, and Butterfly

I am curious about Terry's opinion on this, but want to hear from anyone else who has interesting input.
I have been using the DVD's the last year to refine my stroke in all styles, but I am now focusing on Freestyle Stroke Counting. For now, I am paying less attention to the other styles. I swim them, but I don't count the strokes or pay too much attention to my time.
Whenever I have heard Terry speak to Stroke Counting, it seems like it always revolves around Freestyle.
Does Stroke Counting have it's place with all the styles? Does anyone really do it much?
I know that some of you might say that if you compete in one of the styles or it is your favorite, then that would be a reason for doing it. But I find stroke counting the other styles awkward for some unknown reason.
My intuition seems to tell me that if I focus on Stroke Counting in Freestyle, then my Backstroke Count will naturally improve.
I also feel that with Breast Stroke, rather then counting the strokes, I pay attention to how I flow over the tiles.
And with Butterfly Stroke, being able to do it for the first time in my life, I am going by how I feel. The flow, rhythm, and effort.
I get the feeling that going by feel is better in these other strokes. For example, if I did the Butterfly in 8 strokes as opposed to 10, that would be less important than how my rhythm and effort felt. I'd rather do it 10 strokes and feel I could continue swimming more laps as opposed to doing it in 8 and being out of breath.
How do you all feel about it and is anybody really putting in the same Stroke Counting effort in these other styles.
Excuse me for posting this in more than one category, but I don't think it fits neatly into a single one.
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Old 06-14-2011
westyswoods westyswoods is offline
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Location: Rio, Wisconsin
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Default Feel vs Count

I do not practice any stroke other than freestyle so I can not comment on the others. Why would there be a difference? Should it not all boil down to stroke efficiency which determines SPL and and amount of energy expended. Two different metrics one being easy to determine, the other not so. I believe both would apply in any stroke.

Swim Silent and Be Well
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Old 06-14-2011
caronis caronis is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 115
Default Counting Calories Too?

Hi Westy,
I just would find it interesting if it's one of those things that people say that they see the value of doing, but nobody really does it.
Kind of like Counting Calories. That's one of those standard pieces of dieting advice that most people don't do.
Do you know what I mean? Very few would take the effort to carefully monitor every calorie they ate for a week, yet it's often standard advice.
Maybe this is not the greatest analogy, but I often find that when there is gap between what people should do and what they actually do, there must be a legitimate reason for it.
By the way, this is off-topic, but are you also a member of the Sprinter Forum? Your name is familiar to me.
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Old 06-15-2011
Richardsk Richardsk is offline
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Hi Caronis

I attempt to swim all the strokes and I count strokes for all of them. My stroke count is relatively high for all strokes and there is a considerable difference in speed between my lowest stroke count and my normal stroke count. I am slow for my age group (75-79) in all strokes. My best stroke is breaststroke, with freestyle next and backstroke catching up rapidly. Butterfly is an ongoing quest.
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