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Old 01-31-2012
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Originally Posted by westyswoods View Post

Your suggestion for an absolute beginners section may in fact be a good one. To your point of the forum being more for the advanced swimmer, I have to disagree.

The forum and threads which appear are dictated by the participants. It does seem as some of the most recent discussion is anything but helpful to a beginner.

The other side of the coin is history, has shown an unwavering dedication and comittment by all participants to help newcomers. You just need to put the question out there and you'll be surprised at the response. If and when you don't even know what to ask, do the best you can and we'll figure it out.

Another option is to do subject searches within the search section at top of this page.
Thanks for the kind words, but this kind of demonstrates my point. Without an area specifically designated for beginners, a new swimmer (or new visitor to the TI web page) has to do subject searches, then read any/every thread that those searches may turn up. That's an awful lot of work and frustration, with not very good odds of finding what you need. The search engine is not exceptionally helpful either. For example, type in the word 'Beginner' and then look at the first 20 returns...only about 3 actually sound like they have anything to do with a brand new swimmer.

Likewise, a newcomer may not know where to post, unless they can see something that clearly indicates 'this is the place for new folks to ask questions'. If they are all gathered in one area, chances are you won't have as many repetitions of the same question (because they will be able to see that certain questions have already been asked, answered, and archived).

Without an actual topic area for new swimmers, any advice or tips (or even offers to help) will be buried in other threads with names/subjects that are clearly not meant for beginners. Like this thread, for example.


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