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Old 11-28-2012
azamy azamy is offline
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Originally Posted by caronis View Post
Hi Johnny,
The stated purpose of the almighty acronym is quite different than the nefarious one. The acronymics will tell you that it saves time and is quite efficient, however, this is merely the stated purpose which conceals the real cause of their ew (evil ways). Researchers have done studies which indicate that every sub-group, such as rap artists, surfers, geeks, etc., create their own insider language which relies on slang, lingo, and acronyms in order to keep their group private to members only. It's a bonding mechanism to keep the membership tight and to ward off outsiders. Similar to the way a fraternity will conduct hazing and membership rituals before they embrace an initiate as a full-fledged member.
However, personally, I feel that the cause of the rise of acronyms in our society can be traced to a distant planet that is estimated to be at least 10 lya (light years away). It is known as the Planet Acronym and though they use the same alphabet as the English, it is forbidden for them to speak in words. They can only speak by use of acronyms. These SJO (Stupid Jerk Offs) have infiltrated Planet Earth with the intent purpose of radicalizing the YOPE (Youth of Planet Earth) to adopt their ways. If you have noticed, the YOPE have increasingly adopted acronyms in their text while IM (Instant Messaging). It is believed they have infiltrated the highest levels of our society. We must do our best to rid our society of these RR (rabble rousers) and TBOP! (take back our planet!). One test to see whether you are dealing with an Acronymic or not, is to ask them what G.O.D. stands for. If they respond in a monotone "Good Ol' Devil", then we must KTAAOOOU! (Kick their Alien Ass out of our Universe!). Good luck Comrade! MTFBWY (May the Force Be With You.)
Good one Caronis

PDUA! And if there is NCTAA (no chance to avoid acronyms) then I also request a full glossary of all acronyms used on these wonderful forums :) Let there be no shortcoming in TI ;)
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Old 11-28-2012
haschu33 haschu33 is offline
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I think the use of acronyms is to some extend unavoidable since you sometimes need a (new) word to refer to something that otherwise requires a long explanation. Take Superman Glide e.g., to use the word 'Superman Glide' instead of SG gives you a little idea about it but not the full story. Also you can search for 'Superman Glide' but not for 'SG' - a limitation that forum-software has - for understandable reasons - but if you work yourself through those several hundred entries on a 'Superman Glide' search you still don't know what it is.
And you cannot replace SG or Superman Glide by something like 'Gliding after a pushoff on your stomach with arms stretched out in a streamlined position to achieve better balance' or so - no way (I always wondered why it's called 'Superman' Glide since Superman used to cruise in a spearing position).

So we need a glossary of terms. Since Terry asked a while ago for suggestions for a new TI website it might be that there is work in progress and the old site doesn't really get updated. Understandable, but I thing a glossary would be helpful in any case. It is not a huge amount of work and particularly since some drills have old names and new names it would be of great help to have that on this otherwise rather unsexy website :((
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Old 11-29-2012
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post

When automated translation improves enough, if it ever does, we could write in any language we chose and it would appear in English as well.

That would be fun.
If we all traveled in a TARDIS, this would already be reality
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
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Coach of 5 time USA Triathlon Triathlete of the Year, Kirsten Sass
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Old 12-07-2012
tluedeke tluedeke is offline
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Default well, that would explain the eBooks...

Thanks, I did not see the explanation you were referring to, when I was purchasing the eBooks. But it does explain why I was so utterly puzzled about what in the heck I was supposed to do. Unfortunately, it still leaves me where I started (that is, struggling badly to get past 1/4th mile distance in swimming), plus I would have to buy more stuff.

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